Non-blurry photos of a Google Pixel and Pixel XL leak

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Today is apparently Pixel trickle day. After removing some new sum on pricing and spotting a phone in a Nest ad, some tangible photos of a phones have emerged. The picture above (and another below) uncover both phones side-by-side. This outlines a initial time we’ve indeed seen a phones in a flesh—er, metal. Whatever.

The images uncover both phones in a aluminum finish, that does demeanour really light above. we consider that’s down to a oppressive lighting. The tip of a back row is clearly lighter and smoother (it’s glass). The fingerprint sensor is adult there as well. There are some IDs and markings obscured for apparent reasons.

The front has that same sensor blueprint we’ve seen before, and a bezels are a small big. Feel giveaway to protest about that in a comments. From what we understand, a Pixel XL will be 5.5-inches, and a Pixel will be 5-inches. The displays are on, though there’s not most we can reap from them. The XL has a customary close shade up, and a Pixel appears to be using a new foot animation. Another few weeks and we’ll hopefully get a improved demeanour during these babies.

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