No magnetism for BP West Coast Products: Guest opinion

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By Jason Reynolds

As a longtime consumer disciple in Oregon, we found myself confused that Oregonian columnist Elizabeth Hovde would be rooting for corporate hulk BP West Coast Products (BPWCP) over a interests of her possess village — and even herself.

Let’s not chop words: BP stole a income during a siphon with false tactics. An additional 35-cent price might not seem like much, though when double by 13,000 exchange per day for months on end, it adds adult quickly. As in all category actions, BPWCP was initial released a notice with a 30-day event to “cure” their wrongdoing, equivocate any charges and hindrance a lawsuit altogether. So since didn’t they simply stop their bootleg activity and reinstate their ill-gotten gains? Large companies can act like they have a right to nickel and dime consumers. They don’t. This time they got caught.

Gas pricing laws in Oregon are uniform, nonetheless BP didn’t blink an eye while grabbing an astray advantage over their competitors. Their palm finally held in a cookie jar, a decider exclusively concurred and released an injunction. Then a jury stood adult for fleeced Oregonians and unanimously found BPWCP guilty of fast violating a state consumer rascal laws by not posting a additional price on their travel signs.  Justice was served.

Yet Hovde feels contemptible for a excellent people of BP since they now have to “pay penance.” we find it formidable to strew a rip for a same outfit found guilty of sum loosening and forward control ensuing in a detriment of 11 lives and a largest “accidental” oil brief in a story of a petroleum industry. Ask a good folks of a Gulf Coast if they cry for BP arch executive Bob Dudley, who done $13.2 million in 2013 while a harmful effects on sea life in a Gulf were still being discovered. With billions some-more in fines potentially forthcoming, it’s no consternation BPWCP will stop during zero to make this box go away.

Gas prices continue to dip, with no association to possibly or not BP gets a wrist slap for bad function in Oregon. When Hovde suggested that it “doesn’t so most matter” possibly or not BPWCP done any profit, we scarcely fell off my chair. That’s accurately what matters — not personification satisfactory or being honest with a business — to a balance of $13.4 billion in increase in 2013! We see this played out over and over — be it a banks, large pharmaceuticals, word or oil. It’s all about a bottom line, plain and simple.

Hidden fees — possibly during a gas pump, during a bank or on a cellphone check — are wrong. This trend of dark charges impacts all Oregonians, generally those struggling to make ends meet.

If Hovde unequivocally wants to lapse her $200 share of a damages, afterwards please, by all means, send it behind to BP — a wrongdoers who perpetrated this rascal in a initial place.

Jason Reynolds is executive executive of a Oregon Consumer League.

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