NJ pile-up stage too dangerous for tighten inspection

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National Transportation Safety Board Vice Chair T. Bella Dinh-Zarr describes a dangers investigators face during a site of a New Jersey movement sight pile-up in Hoboken.

HOBOKEN, N.J. — Three days after an NJ Transit sight barreled into a height during Hoboken Terminal, federal investigators pronounced they were still stymied Saturday by drop during a site, creation it unfit for officials to enter a sight and demeanour for clues for a means of a lethal crash.

The problem is a roof of a alfresco sight strew during a terminal, that collapsed during a collision and was still resting on tip of a sight Saturday evening, according to a matter by a National Transportation Safety Board.

The roof might be filled with cancer-causing asbestos, and was in risk of serve collapse, creation a stage too dangerous for investigators to get close.

In a news recover Saturday, a NTSB pronounced that one of a train’s eventuality recorders, also called a black box, and a video camera — both located inside a front car, where a operative stood to commander a sight — sojourn unretrieved in a train, underneath a collapsed roof of a shed.

A second information recorder, pulled from a locomotive during a behind of a train, has arrived during a Kentucky domicile of a manufacturer.

Retrieving information from that recorder — per a train’s speed, stop use and other vicious factors — might infer tricky, however. The reserve house has reported that initial attempts to entrance a information had been catastrophic and on Saturday pronounced a staff members are “supervising a attempted download” of information.

Investigators also followed other avenues. They interviewed Thomas Gallagher, who has been identified as a operative on sight 1614, that was completing a run along a agency’s Pascack Valley line. Those conversations continue, and a house pronounced it will not recover any sum until a interviews are complete.

Investigators also performed video recordings from other NJ Transit trains that were parked in a hire during a time of a crash. They found no problems with a signals nearby a station, and an investigation of a marks around a Hoboken sight yard and hire “found zero that would have influenced a opening of a train,” according to a agency.

The stage in Hoboken was mostly still Saturday afternoon. Beyond helicopter footage of a collapsed sight strew roof, tiny could be seen of a collision site since of plastic tarps hung on both sides of a train. A glance down a mezzanine suggested that a potion canopy broken by a collision was still resting on a walking walkway.

Outside, a cobblestone travel of Hudson Place was filled with white NJ Transit Police vehicles. A retard away, a tiny scrum of radio satellite trucks sat with their engines running. A New York Police Department helicopter hovered over a disadvantage for a few minutes, and afterwards flew off.

Schedules for NJ Transit sojourn influenced by a crash. While trains into New York Penn Station will continue handling on normal schedules, all trains on a Main, Bergen, Pascack Valley and Port Jervis lines will run on weekend schedules until serve notice, according to a use warning by NJ Transit. They also will start and finish during Secaucus Junction instead of Hoboken.

The group warns that passengers might see some-more overcrowding and delays than normal since of a pile-up and continued liberation operations, that will keep Hoboken Terminal sealed for a foreseeable future.

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