Niger disperses demo after 10 die in Charlie Hebdo protests

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NIAMEY, Niger (AP) — Security army in Niger used rip gas Sunday to sunder hundreds of antithesis supporters holding partial in a criminialized proof in a capital.

The domestic rumpus came after 10 people were killed in dual days of aroused protests opposite a French publication’s animation depicting Islam’s prophet.

Niger authorities criminialized Sunday’s proof by a domestic antithesis since of a moving conditions following a assault in response to a French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo’s depiction of a Prophet Muhammad.

President Mahamadou Issoufou pronounced late Saturday that 5 people were killed in a capital, Niamey, when Christian churches and bars were set ablaze. On Friday, during slightest 5 other people were killed in a city of Zinder when protests erupted after Muslim request services there.

The assault came after a French repository published a new animation depicting a Prophet Muhammad. The issue, published Wednesday, was a initial following a Jan. 7 militant conflict on a domicile that left 12 dead.

Physical depictions of a soothsayer are deliberate blasphemous, and protests have occurred in a series of primarily Muslim countries this week.

Sunday’s anti-government proof in Niger was orderly before to a Charlie Hebdo protests, yet officials pronounced Saturday it would not be authorised to go ahead. Opposition organizers cited ubiquitous grievances with a supervision including a argumentative squeeze of a presidential craft final year.

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