NFL’s Goodell shows both piety and rebuttal in annual address

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PHOENIX - What a disproportion a year makes.

On a eve of a Super Bowl a year ago, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell delivered an despotic state-of-the-game address, afterwards jousted with reporters in his typically warlike manner.

Yesterday, Goodell stood before 2,000 reporters and NFL executives a humbler man.

His energy discontinued and his conceit gone, Goodell concurred his failures of a past year as a league’s form descended to this:

A collection of woman-beating, child-abusing, dissident cheaters.

“It’s been a tough year on me, personally,” he said. “It’s been a year of humility, and learning.”

The Shield took a lot of hits. Goodell gimlet a brunt.

“More importantly, it’s been adversity for me,” Goodell said. “It’s an event for us to get better. We’ve all finished a lot of soul-searching, starting with yours truly . . . We didn’t entirely know those issues.”

Goodell improved realizes a apprehension NFL forms can project, now that he has visited victims in shelters and had a possibility to, as he put it: “Hear a fear.”

It’s satisfactory to consternation either Goodell feels some fear himself these days; if his new, reduction assertive persona reflects his pursuit insecurity. He pronounced he expects to sojourn during a league’s helm, yet it sounds as if he will take tough stands opposite Beli-Cheat and Marshawn Lynch to strengthen his office.

Over a past year, Goodell was pilloried with criticisms over how he dealt with domestic assault and abuse cases, many particularly those of Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson. Goodell yesterday regularly addressed a league’s new control policy, yet he distanced himself from a biggest buzzwords.

He did not contend a difference “domestic violence” or “sexual assault” until his 50-minute residence was scarcely median done; and then, usually in a context of a joining assisting multitude during vast solve those problems.

The NFL also endured nonetheless another year of recriminations over how it deals with player-safety issues, privately conduct traumas, and their durability effects.

Current tentative issues seem sparse by comparison.

For a second true year, Lynch mocked NFL mandate concerning team-work with a press.

For a second time in reduction than a decade, a Patriots, deliberate Goodell’s pet authorization since of his loyalty with owners Robert Kraft, are underneath review for cheating. They used bootleg footballs in a AFC pretension game.

These issues competence seem pardonable by comparison, yet it appears that Goodell and Co. will error on a side of harshness.

Goodell mentioned a probable damage of breeze picks if a Patriots took “deliberate action” and cheated . . . again. The Patriots 7 1/2 years ago abandoned joining warnings and taped opponents’ signals on a sideline, a crux of a “Spygate” scandal. Outrageously, Goodell broken “Spygate” videotapes, enraging members of Congress who strengthen a NFL’s special status.

That was old, conceited King Roger.

This time, Goodell betrothed to recover a “Deflategate” commentary to a public. The Patriots’ before offense competence have been some-more egregious, yet their repeat-offender standing could tie a knot this time.

“We are a joining of rules,” Goodell said. “They’ll be enforced, either they’re enforced with financial penalties, suspensions, with [lost] breeze choices.”

Goodell was likewise humorless concerning Lynch.

The joining reportedly threatened Lynch with a $500,000 excellent if he did not concur this year (he did not). Lynch was fined $100,000 for his refusal to concur during a 2013 season, during Super Bowl XLVIII and for not articulate after this past November’s detriment to a Chiefs.

Some NFL suits pronounced they would not mind saying Lynch dangling this time.

“I’ve been really transparent that, when you’re in a NFL, we have an obligation,” Goodell said. “An requirement to a fans. It is partial of your job. There are things we all have to do in a pursuit that we competence not indispensably wish to do. we consider Marshawn understands . . . a significance of him as an particular in this game. The fans wish to know. The media would like to make that story transparent to a fans. It competence not be during a tip of his list, yet everybody else is cooperating. Everyone else is doing their part. It comes with a payoff of playing.”

Other issues arose, many particularly a annual pull by Los Angeles to secure an NFL franchise, a 2-decade debate whose best wish now is a relocation of a Rams, yet St. Louis competence build them a new track to assistance keep them put.

Goodell summarily discharged a gathering that Saints owners Tom Benson is physically and mentally non-professional to make preference about that franchise, and Goodell dangling a judgment of expanding a NFL playoffs.

He most laughed during Kraft’s row that a NFL would owe a Patriots an reparation if “Deflategate” is dynamic to be unfounded. Goodell would not proportion regulating bootleg balls with a Saints’ some-more dangerous process of charity bonuses during “Bountygate,” yet he was indifferent in his avowal that a “integrity of a game” was sacrosanct, no matter how many jokes are told about malleable footballs.

He hardened when it was suggested that his opening over a past year fitting a cut of his $44 million salary, yet authorised that if a owners believed he was value less, “I don’t argue.”

He bristled usually once, when it was suggested that eccentric investigators a joining hired have a dispute of seductiveness since a joining pays them for their services.

“Somebody has to compensate them,” he said, brusquely.

Generally, though, this was a kinder, gentler Goodell; defanged, yet determined.

Predictably, he forked out a drop in reported concussions (25 percent) and dangerous hits (68 percent).

He harped on a uneven doing of a league’s Personal Conduct Policy, a new, harsher set of duty fortify spurred by a league’s new widespread of domestic assault and abuse incidents. It was unanimously authorized in Dec by a owners and relates to all NFL employees – from Rice and Peterson, who mislaid during slightest this season, to ashamed Colts owners Jim Irsay, who was dangling for 6 games after a DWI conviction.

The process came about with minimal submit from a player’s union, that Thursday vowed to quarrel a process on a drift that it violates a common negotiate agreement. Bring it on, Goodell said.

“It raises a standards for all of us,” he said.

He congratulated his joining on a success of Thursday night football and on a success of NFL games played in England, that will be an ongoing feature. He indicated that a NFL competence make additional points worse and competence concede penalties to be reviewed with replay – a curtsy to a topsy-turvy pass-interference call that helped modernized a Cowboys past a Lions in their wild-card game.

Goodell pronounced he shortly would sinecure lieutenants to manage a formidable issues of actor health and reserve and of discipline. Goodell’s ham-handed distribution of penalties, generally to Rice and Peterson, caused a inhabitant conflict and had several groups job for his ouster.

Much was done of Goodell carrying a sketch taken with Kraft during Kraft’s home on a eve of this year’s AFC Championship Game. While Goodell concurred being an suitor of Kraft, Goodell pronounced he was compelled to revisit Kraft’s home to attend a joining function.

Goodell pronounced it with minimal defiance; he pronounced it anticipating that everybody only would understand.

He sounded like a male unfortunate for allies.

Last year, Kraft attended Goodell’s state-of-the-game address.

This year, Kraft stayed away.



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