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1Power outage: Bangladesh struggled to revive energy Saturday after being strike with a inhabitant trance that started when a delivery line bringing electricity from adjacent India failed, officials said. The trance swept opposite a bankrupt and energy-starved republic during around noon, after a delivery line gifted a malfunction that led to a cascade of failures via a inhabitant energy grid, pronounced Masum-Al-Beruni of a state-run Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. Hospitals and a general airfield in a capital, Dhaka, were stability to work on puncture generators.

2Water tax: Organizers pronounced during slightest 100,000 people marched Saturday opposite Ireland’s new taxation on water, a assign imposed as partial of a country’s successful exit from an general bailout. The travel demonstrations opposite Ireland orderly by a Right2Water debate are some of a largest given 2008 when a nation started lifting taxes and slicing spending amid a deepening financial crisis. The H2O charges introduced Oct. 1 are approaching to cost a standard domicile $350 annually.

3Ukraine vote: Rebel-held territories in eastern Ukraine prepared Saturday to elect legislators in a opinion that has been cursed by a general village though corroborated by Russia. Separatist authorities disagree that Sunday’s voting in Donetsk and Luhansk will lend legitimacy to their aspirations for self-determination. Western governments and a United Nations contend a opinion violates a terms of a cease-fire agreement sealed by Russia, Ukraine and insurgent leaders in September, that envisioned internal elections being hold underneath Ukrainian laws.

4 Ship aground: A journey boat temporarily ran aground during low waves in northern Norway on Saturday. The Norwegian rescue services pronounced nothing of a passengers, mostly from Britain, was harmed on a 580-foot-long Marco Polo journey ship, that was carrying some-more than 1,000 people when it ran aground in a Lofoten archipelago. The same boat also ran aground quickly in a circuitously archipelago in March, according to Norwegian media.

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