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New Xbox One Game Launches With 25% Discount for Xbox Live Gold Members

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As a cost of an Xbox Live Gold subscription has risen, Microsoft has also stretched what we get for being a Gold member. Most recently that’s come in a form of giveaway games, identical to what PlayStation Plus subscribers get. Starting today, during slightest in a box of one game, Gold members can now get a limited-time bonus on a newly launched game.

Flockers, a new nonplus diversion from longtime Worms developer Team17, launches currently on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 (in Europe–it’ll be out on PS4 in North America on Tuesday). If you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, you’ll find a Xbox One chronicle costs $18.74, rather than a unchanging cost of $24.99.

That’s since of a limited-time, 25-percent-off bonus being charity for Gold members (as good as Plus members in PS4, during slightest in Europe). We’ve seen these kinds of launch-day discounts charity on a PlayStation Network before, and they’re hackneyed on Steam, though it’s not something we’ve seen most of on Xbox Live. Hopefully it’s a pointer of things to come.

We have seen during slightest one company, in Electronic Arts, start charity unchanging discounts on a new console games. Among a perks we accept for apropos an EA Access subscriber is a 10 percent bonus on digital purchases of EA’s games and downloadable content.

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