New Live-Action ‘Destiny’ Trailer Channels ‘Guardians of a Galaxy’

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Bungie has expelled nonetheless another new trailer for Destiny, this one following a increasingly renouned trend of charcterised games removing live-action TV spots. Titles like Halo and Call of Duty have used such trailers to good outcome in a past, and with Destiny’s large $500M array budget, it’s transparent they weren’t going to not carve out a square of that for a pricey, attention-grabbing live-action spot.

The trailer is fun, and usually somewhat odd. It facilities 3 Guardians dressed in real-life versions of energy armor, holding replicas of a sorts of badass guns you’ll find in a game. The contingent heads to a moon, Venus and Mars Mars where they kill hordes of aliens as they clap off one-liners.

Watching a new spot, it’s tough not to consider of Marvel’s new box bureau pound hit, Guardians of a Galaxy, that also focused on humor-heavy, sci-fi badassery. Not to contend that Guardians of a Galaxy has a copyright on murdering aliens while revelation jokes and personification old-school tunes, though it’s easy to see this mark and that film are unequivocally identical tonally. Given how tighten their releases are to one another, and a fact that GotG is a biggest film of a summer, we don’t consider that’s an accident.

But this is a aforementioned “odd” part. This trailer doesn’t simulate a tinge of a diversion itself. At slightest not from what we’ve seen via 10-40 hours spent personification a alpha and beta. Destiny is unequivocally most a straightfaced sci-fi epic. If there were any jokes found via a game, they were usually unintended ones like a “That sorceress came from a moon” line, that was famously spoken in a alpha and cut from a beta. But tangible comedy? So far, jokes seem to dump reduction frequently than even mythological items.

I consider that’s okay, it’s usually engaging to see what could have been had Destiny maybe adopted a some-more lightsome proceed to gameplay as seen with a chaff in a trailer. Not each diversion needs to go full Borderlands in terms of humor, though from what I’ve seen so far, Destiny does seem to be a bit self-serious, moon wizards aside.

This trailer also highlights a emanate with a mostly wordless protagonist. we can’t call them tongue-tied given opposite 5 cutscenes my impression did pronounce accurately dual lines, though they’re not accurately garrulous adequate to start throwing out quips during firefights. we suspect a import here is that given you’re ostensible to be personification a diversion in trios with your friends over headsets, you’re obliged for all a jokes yourself.

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Still, as evidenced by Marvel, there’s no reason your grand sci-fi (slash superhero) epic can’t use amusement effectively, and we would contend a same goes for a diversion like Destiny, arguably a “tentpole Marvel film” homogeneous of a video diversion star this year, and also identical to Guardians of a Galaxy as it’s a totally new and untested IP. It’s usually a small differing to see them adopt a new tinge for a trailer like this when it’s totally absent in a diversion itself.

I’m not certain Destiny unequivocally even needs any some-more selling during this point, so this trailer is usually a fun bonus. As I’ve pronounced before, a biggest bit of graduation a diversion had was a beta, where 4.6M players gifted gameplay for themselves. That kind of graduation sells a hundred times as many games as any trailer ever could.

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How should Destiny spend the $500M budget? we explain below:

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