New Albany expansions to supplement 1700 jobs in county

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Pretty soon, all remaining impoverished Licking County residents could theoretically find a pursuit in or circuitously a New Albany Personal Care and Beauty Campus.

Half of a 14 companies already there or entrance to a area north of a Ohio 161-Beech Road interchange, in Licking County, are expanding or building new facilities.

The flourishing companies will pierce some-more than 1,700 jobs to Licking County, including about 600 new positions and 1,100 eliminated from other locations. The enlargement will boost practice to about 3,000 in a beauty campus and circuitously American Electric Power.

All though about 100 of those jobs have been sum given 2011. More than 9,000 people work in a 3,000-acre New Albany International Business Park in Licking and Franklin counties.

Licking County, with a usually dwindling stagnation rate during 4 percent in November, has 3,400 people looking for work and though a job.

“We support a lot of companies in a beauty park with their recruitment,” pronounced Windy Murphy, administrator of business services for OhioMeansJobs/Licking County. “We unequivocally try tough to embody a names of a employers in a pursuit fairs.”

Of course, field contingency possibly have a jobs skills or be means to acquire a skills to get hired. And transport could be an barrier for some to make a 20-minute expostulate from Newark.

But with pursuit origination mountainous and stagnation decreasing, opportunities seem abundant for those looking for work.

“The expostulate unequivocally isn’t that far, generally with a (highway) improvements that have been made,” Murphy said. “We don’t have a lot of people that contend it’s too far.”

The 7 expanding companies will make a sum investment of $264.7 million during 2014 to 2016, adding roughly 1.4 million block feet of production space.

The 14 New Albany companies in Licking County paint tighten to $400 million in private investment on about 1,000 acres in Licking County.

Pending annexations will boost a business park to 4,000 acres, with roughly half in Licking County.

L Brands, AEP

The largest Licking County developments are L Brands and AEP.

L Brands, primogenitor association of Victoria’s Secret, PINK, Bath Body Works, La Senza and Henri Bendel, is building an 860,000-square-foot facility, including a placement core opening late this year and an bureau territory opening in 2016.

“Adding a third campus in New Albany will element a operations in Reynoldsburg and on Morse Road and will support a goals of doubling a distance of a business and stability a general growth,” pronounced Tammy Roberts Myers, L Brands’ clamp boss of communications.

The L Brands formidable will embody about 500 employees eliminated from a Reynoldsburg placement core and about 100 new employees, Myers said.

AEP, one of a largest electric utilities in a country, formed in Columbus, announced it will build a 195,000-square-foot delivery domicile only west of Beech Road subsequent to a delivery operations center.

The AEP domicile will pierce 660 employees from Gahanna and Columbus, in serve to a 140 employees already during a operations center.

The $39 million trickery will be finished in 2016.

Bocchi Laboratories, a California-based agreement manufacturer of health, beauty and personal caring products, will occupy 300 after it completes a 130,000-square-foot trickery during a beauty campus in 2016.


Knowlton Development Corp., that manufactures personal caring products, will spend $16 million to supplement 59,000 block feet to a existent 250,000-square-foot trickery in a beauty campus, only easterly of Beech Road.

“We’ve seen a good event to enhance a business,” Division President Ian Kalinosky said. “Our setup in New Albany has been a good success for a company.

“The beauty park judgment and a pivotal suppliers right down a transport unequivocally helps. The business meridian is unequivocally understanding and friendly. It’s a illusory event to enhance into opposite areas.”

The additional space will concede KDC to enter a marketplace of excellent fragrances and perfumes, Kalinosky said.

KDC non-stop in New Albany in 2012. It also has a trickery in Virginia and dual in Canada. The enlargement will supplement 60 jobs to a existent workforce of 300.


Exhibitpro, that provides tradition and modular trade uncover exhibits, non-stop a new 54,000-square-foot multiuse trickery a year ago on a northeast corner of a beauty campus.

The association changed a operation from a Polaris area. The plcae is serve divided from some clients, though a pierce to a beauty campus has been value it, Vice President Greg Lindsey said.

“We looked during a lot of opposite areas,” Lindsey said. “You don’t have to navigate by a city or city to get to a bureau park. If this judgment were not here, we don’t consider we’d deliberate New Albany.

“It’s worked out even improved for us than we had anticipated. All of a feedback from clients and employees has all been positive.”

The $3.5 million trickery includes a showroom, pattern dialect and phony area. Exhibitpro is a agreement businessman for Bath Body Works and has finished tiny projects with other clients in a beauty park.

“It positively has unequivocally helped us,” Lindsey said. “We didn’t have a entertainment area (at Polaris). This is climate-controlled. We know 99 percent of this is uncover prepared before it leaves.”


Anomatic, a Newark-based provider of steel wrapping components for cosmetic industry, will finish a 70,000-square-foot serve to a New Albany trickery after this year.

Nearly all of a additional space will be for manufacturing, permitting a association to supplement a high-tech routine of vaccuum metalizing, a approach of giving a lead coming to potion or plastic, President and CEO Scott Rusch said.

“It’s a unequivocally fit appurtenance we will be purchasing and installing,” Rusch said. “The latest and biggest of technology.

“We see this carrying good focus for done parts. It’s formidable to make out of aluminum, though it can be finished out of injected molded plastic.”

The company, that employs 580 people in Newark and 120 in New Albany, will supplement 70 employees to a New Albany operation.

“We’ve had some success out here,” Rusch said. “Business has been flourishing a final few years. we consider (business) is unequivocally most shabby by being in this park.”


Magnanni, a family-owned association producing excellent men’s dress boots for some-more than 50 years in Spain, changed into a 15,000-square-foot beauty campus trickery in December.

There are 10 employees during a trickery and a integrate some-more might be combined within a year.

After relocating a U.S. domicile from Dallas to Akron to Columbus to New Albany, Chief Financial Officer Paul Roehrenback pronounced a sales and placement core will be a permanent site.

“This will be long-term, with an event to enhance a room portion,” Roehrenback said. “It’s been wonderful. We’ve orderly ourselves improved and are some-more efficient.

“It’s a unequivocally available plcae for placement functions and transport purposes. Everything is unequivocally available from here.”

The company, that also creates belts and wallets, does business with Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.


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New Albany growth

The following are additions and expansions of New Albany companies in Licking County. The companies will emanate about 600 new jobs and pierce about 1,100 jobs to Licking County from elsewhere for a sum of about 1,700.

Source: New Albany, listed companies

Company breakdown

American Electric Power: One of a largest electric utilities in a U.S.

Anomatic: Provider of steel packaging, components for cosmetic and personal caring industries.

BocchiLaboratories: Contract manufacturer of health, beauty and personal caring products, from shampoos to sanitizers.

Exhibitpro: Provider of tradition and modular trade uncover exhibits.

KnowltonDevelopment Corp.: Developer, manufacturer of beauty and personal caring products, including soaps, sanitizers, lotions, fragrances, showering gels and deodorant sticks.

L Brands: Parent association of Bath Body Works, Victoria’s Secret, PINK, La Senza and Henri Bendel.

Magnanni: Spanish manufacturer of men’s dress shoes, belts and wallets.

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