Never-Before-Seen Photos Of Steve Jobs From 1985-2000

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It was 1985. Apple had only forced Steve Jobs out. He was starting to build a NeXT computer, a same desktop hire that Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau would use to build a initial web server program and after a World Wide Web. Jobs envisioned transforming preparation with supercomputers. Ross Perot took him to lunch and plunked $20 million into a company. Little did anyone know behind afterwards we were on a hill of a digital revolution.

Photojournalist Doug Menuez was given total entrance to request a immature Jobs during this golden impulse in time for Silicon Valley from 1985-2000. He’s given published a book about it (“Fearless Genius” out on Amazon) and is starting to recover a array of stories on Storehouse about his personal knowledge with Jobs.

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