Netflix down for about 2.5 hours Saturday

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SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix went down Saturday afternoon for about 2½ hours, unleashing a inundate of tweets and posts as fans found themselves incompetent to get to their favorite shows.

The stop seemed to have begun around 3:00 p.m. ET. The site came behind online about 5:30 p.m.The means of a outage was not immediately known.

The association tweeted during 3:25 p.m.that it was “aware of streaming issues and we are operative fast to solve them. We will refurbish we when they are solved.”

During a outage a streaming use continued to work on smartphones and tablets.

Based on a languages in that a tweets anguishing over a Netflix trance were written, it appeared the use was down opposite most of a globe, including South America, France, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

Some users got an empty, vacant page when they entered into their browser.

Others were means to get to a categorical Netflix entrance page, though when they attempted to click on a uncover to watch, a summary “Whoops, something went wrong…” came up, followed by “There was an astonishing error. Please reload a page and try again.”

Netflix is a nation’s largest streaming video provider, accounting for 53% of all subscriptions, followed by Amazon (25%), Hulu (13%) and HBO (1%), according to investigate organisation Strategy Analytics.

The company’s programmed email use continued to function, promulgation out updates for movies newly accessible for streaming even as a cinema themselves were unobtainable.

Netflix is intensely renouned among those who tide media. Its penetration among all U.S. monthly streaming video users is during about 68%, according to investigate organisation eMarketer.

Netflix had 126.9 million users in 2016, eMarketer estimates.

The use previously had a long-term outage on Christmas Eve 2012, when a problem with Amazon Web Services knocked many users off for about 10 hours.

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