NBC shows luminosity of live TV with… tedious pictures?

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It’s funny, in a day-after sorta way. Sports television, armed with any state-of-the-art digitalized, computerized, compartmentalized gizmo, continues a relentless query to spin TV into something else, something less.

The NFL’s opener Thursday on NBC, in further to being tender by a common excesses — blurb stoppages, ridiculous stat graphics, mad strobe-effect cuts from a margin to uncover anything, everything, anyone and everybody else — deserted live TV in preference of … photographs. Sports TV’s biggest strength — displaying live, relocating images — regularly was sacrificed for still images.

If we tuned in to a Packers-Seahawks diversion to see photos, mostly consecutively, of Russell Wilson (five opposite still-shots), Aaron Rodgers (four opposite still-shots), Clay Matthews (three), Michael Bennett (two), Eddie Lacey, Julius Peppers, Percy Harvin and Marshawn Lynch, among others, Thursday was your night!

One wonders what NBC’s pregame devise was: “All right, tonight we’re gonna bucket this puppy adult with photographs! That’s right, we’re gonna make this live telecast demeanour like a commemorative cocktail-table book!”

Only after a diversion was out of strech — 29-10 Seattle, good into a fourth entertain — did NBC’s shot-callers establish it was, during last, time to stay on a field, stay on a game.

Other than that, there were a common absurdities to endure.

Early in a fourth quarter, NBC gave us 6 seconds — before a subsequent snap — to review and cruise a built stats striking that hardly could be review in 10 seconds. Freezing a screen, we after came to see that it read:

“Offense: Green Bay — Plays 44, Yards 156, Avg. 3.5, TDs 1. Seattle — Plays 50, Yards 331, Avg. 6.6, TDs 3.” Even given a time to review it all, during 29-10, there was zero value reading.

Al Michaels and Cris CollinsworthPhoto: Reuters

Al Michaels chipped in. I’ll gamble Michaels, who has been pursuit all sorts of games for so prolonged that he recalls when a Dead Sea was only sick, for tighten to 60 years — from a time he was about 8 — always called a fail “a fumble.”

But Thursday, after Seattle’s Earl Thomas fumbled a punt, Michaels told that he had “put it on a ground.”

Analyst Cris Collinsworth, whose ascent in game-casting was predicated on his ability to broach tight, useful and mostly purposeful observations, has turn a “Let me tell we folks about this guy” speech-maker.

His purgation spiel about a mass of Bennett, a Seattle DE — and how a Packers, in scheming for a game, many feared him — came late in a third quarter, after Bennett forced Rodgers to fail from a slot while Green Bay was in a must-throw mode.

“Anyone we pronounce to from a Green Bay Packers,” puffed Collinsworth, “tells we that he is a man who stirs a splash here.”

So because did Collinsworth wait so long? Why not tell us something like that, say, 90 mins earlier? Why wait for Bennett to force a fumble? Folks, we swear: If we knew, before a diversion that a “one guy” a Packers were fearful of was Bennett, we would have told we that right away.

Anyway, Collinsworth’s spiel cued a lorry to post dual photos of Bennett. Say, “Cheese!” Next, maybe with a Bennett print record exhausted, NBC cut to uncover a Bennett, live, on a sideline.

It was good to re-meet you

Bobby Clarke (left) and Carol VadnaisPhoto: AP

It happened one night: For Rangers fans via a 1970s and into a ’80s, a Boston Bruins were easy to despise. And there were few easier-to-despise Bruins than stick-to-the-chops axe-man and All-Star defenseman Carol Vadnais.

Even when he was traded to a Rangers in 1975 with Phil Esposito in that shocking understanding that delivered Jean Ratelle and Brad Park to Boston, Rangers fans found Vadnais tough to accept.

During my one deteriorate covering a Rangers — 1977-78, when we was too immature and foolish for a assignment — Vadnais stranded out as a pain to understanding with, someone to avoid. He was dismissive, mostly bold and spasmodic even antagonistic toward internal media.

Twenty-plus years later, we attended a Rangers alumni golf outing. That night during dinner, we was seated subsequent to, of all people, Vadnais. We spoke, delicately during first, afterwards casually, afterwards cordially. We spoke about all sorts of things, though generally about flourishing up, flourishing wiser, and a families. He even told me that his mother Raymonde had only been diagnosed with cancer. She upheld in 2004.

Soon that night, we were carrying a genuine good time. We were enjoying any other’s jokes, stories, wallet photos and company. That’s when we told him we had to confess something: we didn’t most like him when we lonesome him.

Vadnais smiled, and in his Quebecois accent, said, “There wasn’t most to like.”

Vadnais, from a hospice nearby his home in Laval, Quebec, died Sunday of cancer. He would have been 69 on Sept. 25.

Who’s pursuit whom?

As Craig Carton on Thursday morning attempted to explain on a atmosphere — by Boomer Esiason’s interruptions to pronounce a irrelevant — Mike “Sitting Bull” Francesa apparently told another self-indulgent distortion by claiming Michael Vick’s reps reached out to WFAN for Vick to do a weekly hookup with a good and absolute Francesa.

But according to Carton, it was WFAN that contacted Vick’s folks. And WFAN creatively wanted Carton and Esiason to discuss with Vick.

Meantime, that WFAN would select/reward Vick — a man who did tough time — among all a Jets to select from might be revolting, though it’s not surprising.

The Jets final week expelled rookie WR Quincy Enunwa, a sixth-round collect from Nebraska, shortly after he was arrested for assaulting a woman. But what if Enunwa had been, say, a second- or third-round pick? He is now on a use squad.

Coming to Yankee Stadium in 2015: “Joba Chamberlain Bobble Head Night sponsored by Unclaimed Freight.”

From reader S.C. (his name will be stable to strengthen his job): The USTA subsequent year will sell U.S. Open tickets in 3 daily sessions: Day, Night and Pre-dawn.

For nutritious absurdity, ESPN’s U.S. Open in-match opponents/score graphics — again this year, such quick-viewing essentials seem too little to review — are adult there with all a other lunk-headed decisions done by ESPN. That CBS’s opponents/score Open graphics are simply and fast review and don’t land on live play still hasn’t tender ESPN as a intelligent approach to do it.

Reader Rich Fisherman: “Only a Jets could find a deputy for Fireman Ed before anticipating replacements for their secondary.”

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