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NBA Live 15 Delayed, No Longer Launching On Same Day As NBA 2K15 …

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[UPDATE]: Shortly after a announcement of this story on a check of NBA 2K15 (now releasing Oct 28), EA posted an update on a central website citing a enterprise to “polish a game.”

“Considering all a work that’s left in so far, we will be holding a few additional weeks to gloss a diversion and make certain we get an implausible NBA knowledge from a impulse we initial foot adult a title. This additional growth time means we will be relocating a launch date to Oct 28 to line adult to opening night of a 2014-15 NBA season. This was a tough decision, though it’s a right one, as we are totally committed to delivering a highest-quality diversion we presumably can.”

In a update, EA also promises to yield stability updates on a game’s growth and facilities in a entrance weeks.

The strange story appears below.

NBA Live 15 will no longer be expelled on Oct 7 directly opposite aspirant NBA 2K15. EA Sports announced currently that a veteran basketball make-believe diversion has been behind by 3 weeks, and will now launch on Oct 28.

The new recover date, suggested in a banner video on a game’s website, was speckled initial currently by Polygon.

EA’s NBA array has faced tough times of late. Last year’s game, NBA Live 14, was poorly received, while a span of formerly designed games were canceled in a 11th hour.

NBA Live 15 is entrance exclusively to Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while NBA 2K15 will be expelled for those consoles as good as last-generation systems and PC. EA Sports only recently expelled the initial gameplay trailer for NBA 2K15 (above), that focuses on a game’s visuals.

Portland Trail Blazers ensure Damian Lillard is featured on a NBA Live 15 cover, while NBA 2K15 has Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant on a box.

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