Nature vs. maintain in politics

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To a editor: David Sherman and Leaf Van Boven bring convincing investigate information to advise that there are neurological differences that might explain a meditative underneath magnanimous and regressive minds. (“Similarities between Democrats, Republicans make them so different,” Op-Ed, Sept. 24)

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But isn’t this usually another iteration of a age-old “nature contra nurture” divide? It takes both environmental influences and biological factors to form an individual.

The writers go further, however, in their avowal of a “party over policy” practices ever so clear in politics today. But isn’t this materialisation a acknowledgment of a attempted and loyal use of requesting counterpart vigour to change another?

It requires abdominal restraint and firmness to say individuality.

Ben Miles, Huntington Beach


To a editor: Other countries have some-more than dual vital domestic parties. Why doesn’t a United States?

lRelated Similarities between Democrats, Republicans make them so different
Op-EdSimilarities between Democrats, Republicans make them so differentSee all related

It creates no clarity that there are some-more than 310 million people vital in a massive, sundry land with many opposite regions and cultures — though usually dual domestic parties to tumble under. Americans have different interests and causes, many that cranky celebration lines, though they are forced to opinion for one of dual monolithic platforms.

If we had mixed parties, people would be reduction partisan, some-more of them would attend in a electoral routine and we’d get improved government.

Zareh Delanchian, Tujunga

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