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The Presto corporation is run by a board of directors who review there position annually. This company produces a wide variety of kitchen appliances. I have chosen to cover there coffee makers and tea kettles for this article

The coffee makers include the Presto 6 cup stainless steel coffee maker, the Presto 12 cup stainless steel coffee maker. These two coffee makers are better known as percolators. They are great for those who prefer a stronger cup of coffee. Included with these coffee makers is there Presto MyPod replacement coffee filters that are made for there 12 cup stainless steel coffee maker percolator.

The Presto 6 cup brews from 2 to 6 cups of coffee fast and keeps it hot automatically. A signal light tells you when the coffee is ready to serve. Its graceful design and brilliant stainless steel finish provides elegance that is sure to please anywhere and anytime.

The Presto 12 cup brews from 2 to 12 cups of coffee at the rate of a cup a minute and keeps it hot automatically. It is built like the Presto 6 cup only larger and has the same pleasing appearance as well.

The coffee makers come with a short cord for safety along with a one year limited warranty. Service parts for this product can be ordered on-line or by phone. These include an electric cord, basket lid, basket, perk tube, cover assembly and instruction manual.  

Two other products I would like to mention here are there Presto electric tea kettles. The first is a cordless electric tea kettle and the other is there Presto “Heat ‘n Steep” electric tea kettle.

The Presto electric tea kettle boils up to a full quart of water super-fast, even faster than a microwave. Boil water for tea, instant coffee, hot chocolate, gelatin desserts, hot cereals, instant soups and more. Just wait for the built-in whistle that lets you know the water is boiling. If the water in the tea kettle is too low this electric kettle’s thermostat will automatically shut the kettle off before it boils dry. The flip-up stainless steel lid makes filling the kettle easy and it also directs steam away from the handle while pouring. The interior of this kettle has an anodized base that resists mineral buildup to help keep the inside clean for years to come.

The Heat ‘N Steep tea kettle is a stainless steel tea infuser that goes beyond boiling water; it also brews loose leaf tea and bag tea. Its built-in thermostat insures the right temperature and turns the tea kettle off when the water runs low. The timer ensures the right length of brewing time for the type of tea you want to brew. A color-coded guide is very clear to read right in the front shows instantly the recommended range of steeping temperatures for brewing different types of tea such as green, white, oolong cut, black and herbal teas as well as steeping time. The no-drip spout and sure-grip handle ensures easy handling, which is great when the kettle is full of hot water. The cord is short for safety concerns. A long cord is more likely to cause accidents.

The best way to make perfect tea is heat the water to the right temperature for the type of tea you want to make. Put the right amount of tea into the stainless steel infuser for the amount of tea you want to make and attach it to the bottom of the kettle lid and put it back on the kettle. Set the timer for the recommended length for the type of tea you are making. When the time is up, the tea is ready to pour.

Replaceable parts for the tea infuser/kettle are timer and battery, cover assembly, stainless steel infuser basket and instruction manual. A one year limited warranty comes with both of these tea kettles.

The coffee makers and electric kettles are part of new technology that makes appliances safer and longer lasting. This is seen in the double duty tea kettle and an anodized base over the stainless steel to preserve the insides of the coffee makers and tea kettles.

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