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DBF is the national festival of China that is celebrated every year in the memory of a Chinese poet. It is said that Chiu Yuan was a poet who had a suicide by drowning himself in a river. The festival is celebrated on the exact date; he had drowned himself in the river i.e. the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. It has now assumed its popularity as the cultural event of the China and many Chinese and foreigners take flights to China to join these celebrations. The fishermen searched for him in the river with their paddles and beat their drums to scare the fish away, while fearing that the dragon fish would attack and eat him first.


It is said that after a long search fisherman threw food into the water wrapped in bamboo leaves and tied with strings fish. When fish floated to the surface of river to eat that food it had a piece of Chiu Yuan’s clothing wrapped around it.  The festival is celebrated for three days and these three days there are public holidays in China and it greatly captures cheap flights to china The same tradition is kept alive till the date and in addition to rapping the dragon fish food in the leaves; these leaves are also placed around doors and windows to repel flies and other insects on the Dragon Boat Festival day. Another tradition of this festival is drinking yellow rice wine. It is believed that drinking of this wine will cure their body from diseases. Parents wipe their children’s forehead into this wine with the belief that doing so will make them healthier. If you take cheap China flights you will come to know about many other traditions that are celebrated during this event.


During this boat fair a boat race also take place at different venues including; Hong Kong Island, and Lantau and Cheung Chau islands. Dragon Boat Racing has now got the status of internationally recognized sports while this festival has given the status of UNESCO world heritage. China flights are taken by the foreigners as well as Chinese residing in other countries and coming to meet their relatives and attending this event as well. The festival has earned a global fame and is now celebrated in many countries other then China. The countries hosting this sports include; USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, Honk Hong, and Singapore etc. Although it is celebrated in many other countries but still people take cheap flights to China from UK and other parts of the world to see this tradition in its original shape.

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