NASA live tide cuts out after visitor UFO sighting, claims blogger

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UFO watchers are looking for anyone who competence have been tracking NASA’s live feed of a International Space Station on Jan. 6. 

According to, maestro UFO hunter Toby Lundh speckled what he dynamic was an unclear drifting intent only outward a space hire as he was monitoring a live feed on his laptop.

In a text-message review with Blake during, Lundh pronounced he was promulgation a integrate shade shots he took from a live feed before it was interrupted after 10 to 15 seconds.

According to Lundh’s content messages, he has found by determined observation that there are “always some UFOs display up.” Likewise, he said, NASA always cuts a feed when a UFO gets tighten to a station.

UFO watchers claimed to see some object outward a space hire during an Oct. 7 space travel by astronauts Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst.

NASA did not immediately lapse a call for comment.

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