Most Read on Bloomberg: Deutsche Bank Turmoil, Clinton and Trump

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The most-read Bloomberg News reports from a past week are listed below. The rankings are formed on daily statistics by Oct. 1.

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1. Cryan Defends Deutsche Bank as Some Clients Pare Back Exposure
(Bloomberg) — Deutsche Bank AG Chief Executive Officer John Cryan rushed to seaside adult certainty in his beleaguered lender after regard some clients are shortening bearing to a association pushed shares to record lows.

2. Bonds Rally, Stocks Drop Before Debate as Deutsche Bank Tumbles
(Bloomberg) — Traders fresh for a exhilarated U.S. presidential discuss tonight had another component to contend with — a selloff in tellurian banks.

3. In Greenwich, That $250,000 Mercedes Isn’t a Hit It Was
(Bloomberg) — The waste $250,000 S-Class coupe during Mercedes-Benz of Greenwich says it all. For 6 months, it’s been sitting in a showroom, shimmering in vain while models labelled during usually $70,000 fly out a door.

4. Clinton, Trump Draw Stark Contrasts With Sharp Debate Attacks
(Bloomberg) — Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump intended pointy and personal charges and counter-charges over trade, a U.S. economy, competition and unfamiliar process in their initial face-to-face debate, an eventuality that put on arrangement their starkly opposite personalities and visions of a nation’s future.

5. Trump Allies Move to Stem Damage From Strong Clinton Debate
(Bloomberg) — Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s group scrambled Tuesday to branch domestic repairs from his initial discuss with Democrat Hillary Clinton as he claimed astray diagnosis and renewed his critique of a Latina manifestation competitor that had drawn attacks from Clinton.

6. Deutsche Bank Strives to Quell Capital Concern, Sells U.K. Unit
(Bloomberg) — Deutsche Bank AG, fervent to spin a waves of melancholy that gathering a batch to record lows, discharged conjecture it will have to lift collateral and announced a long-awaited sale of a U.K. word business for 935 million pounds ($1.2 billion).

7. Stocks Fall as Deutsche Bank Woes Roil Lenders; Treasuries Climb
(Bloomberg) — Stocks fell, while Treasuries climbed as ascent regard over Deutsche Bank AG’s finances roiled tellurian lenders. Oil extended a surge.

8. Oil Soars on OPEC Plan to Cut Output, Fueling Stocks; Bonds Fall
(Bloomberg) — Oil surged a many given Apr as OPEC concluded to a severe understanding that will trim outlay for a initial time in 8 years. Stocks climbed, while Treasuries fell.

9. Stocks Climb as Treasuries Fall on Deutsche Bank’s Speculation
(Bloomberg) — Risk ardour returned to tellurian markets on conjecture Deutsche Bank AG will compensate reduction than half of a chastisement sought by a U.S., sparking a convene in holds and promulgation Treasuries tumbling.

10. U.S. Bond Market’s Biggest Buyers Are Selling Like Never Before
(Bloomberg) — They’ve prolonged been one of a many arguable sources of direct for U.S. organisation debt.


1. What Deutsche Bank Tells European Investors: Mohamed A. El-Erian
(Bloomberg View) — Shares of Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank, have mislaid some-more than half their value in a final year, and have been theme to well-developed volatility. Its holds have also had a severe ride.

2. Trump Takes Clinton’s Bait and Hooks Himself: Jonathan Bernstein
(Bloomberg View) — The whole 90-minute discuss on Monday night was a proof that Donald Trump doesn’t have a spirit to be president.

3. Goldman’s Libya Salesman Was a Little Too Good: Matt Levine
(Bloomberg View) — we used to sell equity derivatives during Goldman Sachs, that puts me in fascinating company. For instance there is Youssef Kabbaj, a London-based equity derivatives salesman who, in 2008, was described internally as “perhaps Goldman’s tip salesman globally.”

4. Merrill Lynch Sold Some Stocks a Bit Too Fast: Matt Levine
(Bloomberg View) — There are a lot of reticent apparent ways to “fat finger” your approach into losing a lot of income in a batch market. You can try to buy 2,000 shares and incidentally buy 2,000,000 instead. You can try to buy 2 million dollars of Alphabet batch and incidentally buy 2 million shares — some-more than $1.5 billion value — instead. You can try to buy 2,000 shares, not comprehend that your sequence has been sent, and afterwards send a sequence again. (And again and again.) Trading is difficult and computers are strict and we were out late final night and all those zeros tend to fuzz together.

5. Trump Rides on Waves of Other People’s Money: Timothy L. O’Brien
(Bloomberg View) — During a discuss stop in North Carolina final week, Donald Trump described a proof behind his skeleton for billing other countries for U.S. troops support should he turn president.


1. Trump and Clinton Presidential Debate
(Bloomberg) — Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton and her Republican reflection Donald Trump face off in a initial presidential discuss of 2016 during Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. NBC News’ Lester Holt moderates.

2. The First 2016 Presidential Debate in 3 Minutes
(Bloomberg) — Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton and Republican reflection Donald Trump went directly into attacks in their initial debate. They intent in irritable exchanges over trade, a U.S. economy, competition and unfamiliar policy.

3. Wells Fargo’s Stumpf Testifies on Account Abuses
(Bloomberg) — John Stumpf, arch executive officer during Wells Fargo Co., testifies before a House Financial Services Committee in Washington about a bank’s opening of unapproved accounts.

4. Fed’s Yellen Testifies: Banking Supervision
(Bloomberg) — Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testifies before a House Financial Services Committee in Washington about bank organisation and regulation, a economy and financial policy.

5. ECB’s Draghi Testifies on Monetary Policy in Parliament
(Bloomberg) — European Central Bank President Mario Draghi speaks before lawmakers in a European Parliament in Brussels about financial process and a need for euro-area governments to act to branch rising open discontent.

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