More Than 30 Teens Escape From Tennessee Detention Center

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PHOTO: Police revisit a Woodland Hills Youth Development Center in Nashville, Tenn., after 32 juveniles escaped, Sept. 1, 2014.

Dozens of juveniles transient a Tennessee apprehension core Monday, authorities said, with many of a teenagers still on a run.

The shun happened during about 11 p.m. during a Woodland Hills Youth Development Center, pronounced Rob Johnson, communications executive for a Tennessee Department of Child Services.

The teenagers done their approach into a yard area of a apprehension core that has an “anti-climb chain-linked fence,” Johnson said. But somehow, 32 of a juveniles were means to stand underneath a blockade and escape.

The transient teenagers operation in age from 14 to 17 and have during slightest 3 felonies, Johnson pronounced – from a story of using divided to thievery and theft, aroused crimes, drug-related crimes, encourage caring problems and mental health needs.

None of a transient juveniles had been incarcerated for carnage or murder.

Authorities are assured they will find a remaining escapees. The Metro Nashville Police, Tennessee Highway Patrol and Tennessee Children’s Services are assisting to lane down a transient juveniles, Johnson said.

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