Monday’s Week 3 CFB watercooler gibberish now

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10:00 AM ET

Home honeyed home. Home is where a heart is. Homeward bound. Our residence … is a very, really excellent house! We contingency strengthen this house!


While a splendour of a college football home track knowledge — a tailgating! a traditions! — stays a pleasing thing, a watercooler discuss Monday will underline annoyance and merriment over highway teams owning this superb Week 3 report of games. We design highway teams to overcome in 3 of a 4 matchups of ranked teams Saturday.

Admittedly, that’s not accurately a confidant prediction. No. 1 Alabama (at No. 19 Ole Miss), No. 2 Florida State (at No. 10 Louisville) and No. 3 Ohio State (at No. 14 Oklahoma) are favorites. Only No. 12 Michigan State is a highway dog during No. 18 Notre Dame.

This is a initial time in a story of a AP check that a tip 3 teams will play loyal highway games opposite ranked foes, and a top-three teams in a AP check have never mislaid on a same day in a unchanging season. It happened in a 1966 postseason, when No. 1 Michigan State mislaid to UCLA in a Rose Bowl, No. 2 Arkansas mislaid to LSU in a Cotton Bowl and No. 3 Nebraska mislaid to Alabama in a Orange Bowl.

So what are a pivotal matchup in these games? And how do we conflict a Michigan State defense? Speaking of defense, what’s one to do opposite Stanford’s All-Everything behind Christian McCaffrey? And does Oregon’s invulnerability have any shot during respectability during Nebraska?

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