Microsoft invites reporters to see what’s subsequent for Windows 10—and maybe Surface

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It’s official: Microsoft will reason an eventuality in New York during a finish of Oct where a association is approaching to hurl out a new Surface all-in-one PC. As we reported on Thursday, photos of a Surface-themed rodent and keyboard have already seemed in FCC filings.

Interestingly, however, a tenure “Surface”—or even “hardware”—doesn’t appears anywhere on a invitation, that beckons reporters to a New York eventuality on Oct. 26. Instead, Microsoft has invited reporters to “see what’s subsequent for Windows 10,” that implies some arrange of vital refurbish to a company’s program initiatives. “Imagine what you’ll do,” is created retrograde on a window.

Microsoft is personification it tighten to a vest with a invitation, even labeling it “#MicrosoftEvent” on a requisite hashtag.


Microsoft submitted this rodent for FCC approval. Is it a Surface mouse?

Why this matters: A new Surface would be suggestive enough. But a some-more critical doubt is a easier one: What is a destiny of Microsoft hardware? With a ostensible passing of Microsoft’s consumer Lumia line, Microsoft’s down to dual suggestive hardware families: a Surface tablets and Hub, as good as a Xbox lineup. Neither is approaching to go away, yet it’s not accurately transparent what a “mobile” apportionment of Microsoft’s “cloud first, mobile first” mantra will meant over a subsequent few years.

What we competence expect

Given that Microsoft’s subsequent “Redstone” OS refurbish isn’t approaching until Jan or so, updating reporters on a state of Windows 10’s desktop OS isn’t indispensably expected. It seems reasonable, however, that Microsoft will offer adult a hide demeanour of arriving features, as good as a skeleton for Windows 10 going forward. Part of that includes Windows 10’s purpose as “the final Windows,” so will Microsoft dedicate to a calendar of scheduled releases? How will it clear a cost of new licenses? Will support for Windows 10 iterations run out eventually? Microsoft only revamped a support structure for a enterprise, and it could do a same for consumers, too.

A some-more dire doubt will be a predestine of Windows Mobile. Microsoft seems to be bustling updating it, along with Windows 10 for a desktop. But how poignant of a purpose will mobile play within Microsoft? Will third-party hardware makers be obliged for carrying a flame for Windows Mobile? Traditionally, Microsoft has highlighted contributions from a partners, and we’d design that as well. That all leads adult to a contention of a legendary Surface phone: Is it real, and if so, when will it ship?

“Kaby Lake” upgrades to a Surface Pro 4 demeanour like they’re not going to happen.

All that will offer as a backdrop to what we trust is a genuine indicate of a event: a approaching Surface all-in-one. A Surface-colored rodent and keyboard emerged in FCC filings this week, heading to a end that a Surface AIO would shortly follow. But what about rumored Kaby Lake upgrades to a Surface lineup? We’re conference that won’t occur during this event.

In any event, we’ll all find out in a few weeks’ time.

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