Microsoft ends Mainstream Support for Windows 7

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Microsoft’s Mainstream Support for Windows 7 ends today. This competence seem like bad news for a world’s now most-used handling system, though it is unequivocally usually business as usual: a handling complement is now entering a Extended Support phase, that will continue until during slightest Jan 14, 2020.

Mainstream Support includes giveaway occurrence support, guaranty claims, fixes for non-security as good as confidence bugs, and pattern changes and underline requests. Extended Support consists usually of confidence updates.

In other words, Windows 7 won’t be removing any poignant updates going forward, though it will continue to get rags when new confidence holes are discovered. As prolonged as we run Windows Update on a unchanging basis, we unequivocally have zero to worry about.

For an overview of other critical arriving dates for Microsoft’s desktop handling systems, check a Windows Lifecycle page, that now lists a following days:


Today’s finish of Mainstream Support comes usually on a heels of Microsoft’s latest designed pierce to solemnly proviso out Windows 7. Consumer versions stopped being sole to mechanism makers on October 31, 2014. Business computers using Windows 7 Professional are still available, and do not nonetheless have an finish of sales date (Microsoft will give one year notice before that day is set).

Despite a recover of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, many total uncover that Windows 7 has continued to say a marketplace share. Not usually is it still numero uno, though it maintains over 50 percent of a altogether pie.

The good news is that all these users will continue to get confidence rags for another 5 years. Nonetheless, Microsoft will be perplexing to woo them off a handling complement that debuted some-more than 5 years ago, on Oct 22, 2009.

Later this month, a association will flay behind even some-more sum per Windows 10. The ‘consumer experience’ eventuality in Redmond is slated for January 21, and we’ll be covering it live.

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