Microsoft CEO Stokes Surface Phone Rumors With ‘Ultimate Mobile Device’ Comments

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has stoked conjecture this week that Redmond is prepping a new line of smartphones underneath a Surface code for launch in early 2017.

In an talk with a Australian Financial Review published on Monday, Nadella pronounced a association was conducting innovative investigate that would safeguard it continued to have a participation in a smartphone market. However, rather than follow a benefaction trend, Microsoft would try to re-define a margin in a single-handed office of a “ultimate mobile device”.

Underlining his philosophy, Nadella pronounced that a association would not launch into a device difficulty though bringing something opposite to a table, since it was some-more meddlesome in how people and organizations were regulating devices, and reduction in a inclination themselves.

“We don’t wish to be driven by only enviousness of what others have, a doubt is, what can we bring? That’s where we demeanour during any device form cause or any technology, even AI,” he said. “We will continue to be in a phone marketplace not as tangible by today’s marketplace leaders, though by what it is that we can singly do in what is a many ultimate mobile device.”

Rumors of a “Surface Phone” that would element a renouned Surface Book and a rarely praised Surface Studio have been effervescent divided for a while. Some rumors advise a device using Windows 10 Mobile OS, others envision a operation of devices, some of that could competition a keyboard flip box suggestive of Blackberry phones. Meanwhile, several observers have forked to a HP Elite x3 – partial smartphone, partial mini PC – as a intensity indicator of where a association could take a mobile ambitions, presumably as shortly as early subsequent year.

The introduction of a Surface Phone would paint a confidant lapse to a smartphone marketplace for Microsoft, after a consumer phone ambitions fell prosaic following a company’s Nokia mobile merger over dual years ago. Microsoft subsequently laid off hundreds of employees tied to a smartphone business in May, suggesting a association had all though given adult on a consumer phone market.

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