Mercedes Pulled a Self-Driving Car Ad Because It’s Not Actually a Self-Driving Car

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Mercedes-Benz has pulled a TV blurb off air after critique that a ad misleadingly suggests a new 2017 E-Class automobile has some-more self-driving capabilities than it indeed does.

“Is a universe truly prepared for a automobile that can expostulate itself? Ready or not, a destiny is here,” says a voiceover in a ad, that facilities a 2017 E-Class automobile alongside a company’s totally self-driven F015 judgment car.

The automobile does have some automated-driving features, including journey control and programmed steering. The ad shows a motorist lifting his hands off a steering circle as a automobile appears to expostulate and park itself.

It after includes a warning during a bottom of a screen: “Vehicle can't expostulate itself, though has programmed pushing features. The complement will remind a motorist frequently to keep hands on a steering wheel. Always observe protected pushing practices and conform all highway trade regulations.”

Only 6% of Cities are Preparing for Driverless Cars

Consumer Reports and a Center for Auto Safety called for a Federal Trade Commission to examine a ad, arguing that it provides consumers with “a fake clarity of confidence in a ability of a automobile to work autonomously,” Forbes reports.

A Mercedes mouthpiece pronounced a association pulled a TV mark and private it from a central YouTube page to equivocate confusion.

“The new 2017 E-Class is a technological debate de force and is a poignant step towards achieving a prophesy of an accident-free future,” a mouthpiece pronounced in an e-mail to Automotive News. “We do not wish any difficulty in a marketplace to detract from a hulk step brazen in automobile reserve a 2017 E-Class represents.”

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