Melbourne shooting: Abdul Numan Haider researched Tony Abbott’s transport plans

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Sep 24, 2014 22:13:25

Melbourne sharpened highlights tensions over probable terrorism and Australia's diagnosis of Muslims
Video: Melbourne sharpened highlights tensions over probable terrorism and Australia’s diagnosis of Muslims

The 18-year-old who was shot passed in Melbourne after stabbing dual anti-terrorism officers was researching Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s transport plans, a ABC understands.

Abdul Numan Haider was a “person of interest” who military had been questioning for 3 months before a occurrence on Tuesday night outward a Endeavour Hills military station.

The ABC understands Haider did not make a approach hazard opposite a Prime Minister, though did make specific inquiries about Mr Abbott’s skeleton to revisit Melbourne.

But as some-more sum emerge about because Haider was a concentration of a counter-terrorism investigation, those tighten to a teen have embellished a opposite picture.

Mohamed Ibrahim roomed with Haider on a Muslim girl stay final year and described him as peaceful and quiet, and a male who was not assertive or radical.

“He was a gentle, soothing oral immature child and when we listened a news yesterday about a male who had been shot – when we indeed found out he was Numan – we was positively shocked,” he told a ABC’s PM program.

Abdul Numan Haider


Facebook photos of Abdul Numan Haider, who was shot passed by military outward a Melbourne military station. (Facebook/Fairfax)

“There were no hints that he was partial of a group, there were no signs that he was someone we should be disturbed about.”

Haider, whose family are from Afghanistan, had been compared with a radical Islamic organisation called Al-Furqan.

It is accepted he had recently changed divided from a group.

Last week, responding to a apprehension raids in Sydney and Brisbane, Haider took to Facebook, holding adult an Islamic dwindle that has been appropriated by Islamic State (IS) extremists.

One post read: “The categorical summary I’m promulgation with these statuses and photos is to a dogs AFP and ASIO who are dogmatic fight on Islam and Muslims.”

But his friends pronounced Haider was some-more of a fanboy who got in with a wrong throng and had no genuine links to IS.

Who are Al-Furqan?

Find out some-more about a Melbourne-based radical Islamic organisation Al-Furqan, that Abdul Numan Haider once compared with.

Government sources have also pronounced military were questioning either Haider’s conflict was a approach response to a fatwa that was released progressing this week.

The promotion matter from IS enclosed a anxiety to massacre with a knife.

Federal Member for a chair of Holt in Melbourne south-east, Anthony Holt, deserted suggestions a area had a problem with radicalised youth.

“This sold who has been identified by a authorities – and I’ve perceived briefings currently on this sold particular – is positively a initial time that this has come opposite my radar,” he said.

“It’s early days in terms of unequivocally disseminating what happened, who this immature male was articulate to and how this eventuality came about,” he said.


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