Megyn Kelly has a clever opinion about who won final night’s debate

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Fox News horde Megyn Kelly offering a clever opinion about who won Sunday evening’s discuss during her coverage of a event.

“Who won? Hillary? Donald? Certainly not America, judging by what we saw in that 90 mins and a greeting that we saw on amicable media,” she pronounced after a debate.

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“At times it was worried in that room,” she continued. “You can feel a annoy between a possibilities during times. She indicted him of being unfit, of being a liar, observant his discuss is exploding, observant he has run a hateful, divisive campaign. He indicted her of being a demon and pronounced she ought to be in jail, and she will be if he becomes boss of a United States. She ought to be ashamed of herself, he said, observant she has extensive hatred in her heart.”

“But she is a warrior and she likes his kids,” Kelly added. “Those are a dual good things they managed to contend about any other in what was a discuss distinct any we have seen in U.S. history.”

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