Matt Light: This week, Pats ‘just need to have fun’

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Thrice-blessed Super Bowl leader Matt Light told Boston Herald Radio this morning his former Patriots teammates are “in assign of their destiny” as they conduct into Sunday’s AFC Championship opposite a Indianapolis Colts – though a initial large play they need to govern is to only chill out and have fun.

“The thing that comes immediately to my mind is that they’ve got to have a week of credentials where it’s not only all about doing each small thing and branch over each small stone and spending a small bit some-more time in a film room. They only need to have fun,” Light, 36, told “Herald Drive” hosts Adriana Cohen and Tom Shattuck.

“They need to have fun because, look, I’ve been there, I’ve finished it. we know there’s a lot of credentials that goes into it and everybody’s tight. Everybody wants to, we know, make certain they do it perfectly. But infrequently we can over-think it,” pronounced a Pro Bowl tackle, who during his decade in a Pats uniform from 2001 to 2011 helped a group explain 5 AFC titles and 3 Super Bowl rings.

“These guys are great,” Light said. “They’ve had an unimaginable year. They’re unequivocally gifted in so many areas. They’ve only got to go out there and play their character of football, play loose, come out dismissed adult and excited, that we know they will be. But infrequently we get too held adult in doing it ideal instead of only going out there and personification a diversion of football. And if they go out and play a diversion of football a approach they’ve finished it all deteriorate long, they’re going to do good and they’re going to be in a Super Bowl and we’re going to be dismissed up.”

The Patriots warranted their berth in Sunday night’s diversion during Gillette Stadium opposite Indy quarterback Andrew Luck’s hard-charging Colts by trait of Saturday’s one-for-the-ages quip over a Baltimore Ravens.

Light told Cohen and Shattuck, “Last weekend was such a drum coaster and something that doesn’t occur a whole lot in a playoffs where we can get down …. and not once, though twice come behind and win.”

It’s a defense, he said, that sets a tempo.

“It’s a invulnerability that sets a tinge of a game. They unequivocally do,” Light said, “The diversion of football is a aroused competition and so if it’s a aroused sport, whoever’s a many aroused we have to consider is going to win. we adore a approach this Patriots invulnerability plays. we adore what they represent. And a offense … They’ve got some-more weapons and (quarterback) Tommy’s (Brady) got some-more targets down margin than most.

“They’re going to get it finished by only personification a diversion of football,” he predicted. “This group is in assign of their destiny.”

As for a Colts’ chances, Light said, “Look, Andrew Luck, if he gets going, that flitting game’s going, that using diversion is going to be right along. You don’t wish to get down to a man like Andrew Luck. You don’t wish to get him going early, since you’re not going to be means to come behind from 14 down.”


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