Matt Damon to Reprise Role in 5th Bourne Movie

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Batman isn’t a usually one beefing adult for a large screen.

While celebrating deteriorate 4 of Project Greenlight on Friday, Ben Affleck – who will make his debut as a caped crusader in 2016 – joked that his best friend Matt Damon is set to give his fit physique some critical competition.

“Well, [Damon’s] going to be doing a Bourne film subsequent tumble when I’ve only totally mislaid any emergence of earthy fitness,” Affleck, 42, told E! News.

Damon, 44, after reliable Affleck’s announcement. “Yes, subsequent year,” he said.

The actor, who starred in a first, second and third films, did not lapse for a latest movie, The Bourne Legacy, in 2012.

But Damon hadn’t ruled out an contingent repartee of his purpose as Jason Bourne, a CIA murderer who suffers from memory detriment – he’s only been watchful for a executive of a second and third installments to get behind on board.

“It’ll be in 2016 when a film will indeed come out,” Damon said. “Paul Greengrass is going to do another one, and that’s all we ever said. we only indispensable him to contend yes.”

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