Masayoshi Son: The ‘Bill Gates of Japan’ who masterminded Britain’s biggest tech deal

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Son has had his misses too – many of them expensive. Before a dotcom burble detonate in 2000 he put billions into internet startups such as Webvan and, and a pile-up strike hard: by 2002, SoftBank had mislaid 98pc of a value, a paper detriment for Son of $70bn.

Son’s wins have outweighed his losses, though. He approached Steve Jobs about bringing an Apple phone to Japan dual years before a iPhone was even announced, a integrity that authorised SoftBank a five-year corner on a handset as late as 2013.

It was a arrange of risk surprising in Japan’s sealed corporate tradition, where employees mostly stay during a association for life, and government like to contend a standing quo. It is a critique mostly leveled during a likes of Toshiba, Panasonic and Sharp, that dominated consumer wiring in a Nineties though struggled to adjust to a smartphone revolution.

A singular arch executive

Michael Woodford, a British former arch executive of camera builder Olympus who incited whistleblower to display one of Japan’s biggest corporate frauds and has railed opposite business enlightenment in a country, says SoftBank is “one of a best companies in Japan”.

“It doesn’t work in a same approach a other Japanese monoliths do,” he said. “He [Son] is not indispensably renouned with some of a Japanese business leaders though he understands companies that beget resources and enterprise. He does have a long-term view, and he’s an internationalist given many Japanese companies can’t hoop Westerners.” (SoftBank employees are incentivised to learn English).

Those tighten to Son – who mostly draws comparisons with Bill Gates – contend he also has an eye for detail. “Masa’s not a form of man who wants people around him to stir his people, he’s above that” says one chairman tighten to negotiations over ARM. “Masa is all over everything, he’s got a really large picture, though he knows a sum of gain summation and what it competence do for his batch price.”

Masa’s large bet

The day after SoftBank’s bid for ARM was disclosed, a shares fell 10pc, a pitch that cost Son £1bn on paper. Pundits have lifted questions about a 12 trillion yen (£85bn) debt – a sum that will boost by £7.3bn to financial a latest understanding – and might not have been assured by Son petitioning bondholders to “[as] Yoda pronounced in Star Wars, listen to a Force”.

SoftBank’s final large bet, a $22bn understanding to take control of Sprint 3 years ago, has also floundered, with stability waste and a association undone in attempts to combine a network with opposition T-Mobile. The Japanese company’s shares have depressed by some-more than 40pc given their rise in 2013, and analysts worry that another large understanding could order courtesy and resources between Sprint and ARM when a US conduit needs it most.

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