Mark Zuckerberg is one reason there aren’t adequate houses to buy in Palo Alto

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It turns out there are still some things being a billionaire doesn’t automatically get you—such as a right to rip down your neighbors’ homes for your possess convenience.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg changed into his $7 million, 5,000-square-foot home in Palo Alto, California, in 2011. Two years later, Zuckerberg also snatched adult 4 circuitously homes for $30 million, formulation to move them and reconstruct smaller versions into a compound-like space in that friends and family could stay. According to a architecture firm operative with Zuckerberg, “the stream skill is utterly singular and so this is only giving them some-more space for their residential functions.”

But an advisory house is now propelling a city to put a stop to those plans.

Palo Alto’s Architectural Review Board decided this week that Zuckerberg’s skill enlargement devise violates zoning codes and ideal land use—because it removes 4 eccentric homes from a marketplace and cuts into a city’s already singular housing stock. For a singular family to use 5 whole properties would be a crack of a city’s joining to safeguarding single-family housing availability, house members told The Mercury News.

Zuckerberg, for all his (and Facebook’s) ambitions to combine a universe and reduce mercantile inequality, has drawn some-more than a few lifted eyebrows for lofty genuine estate plans. The billionaire was indicted of hoarding parking spots around his San Francisco chateau in 2014, and he many recently built a argumentative six-foot-tall stone wall around his Hawaiian island home.

No consternation Palo Alto isn’t too happy about his latest enlargement plans—especially given a gloomy state of a Bay Area’s housing market, that was mostly caused by Silicon Valley’s mega-explosion in a initial place.

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