Marijuana attention draws homeless to Colorado for jobs

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DENVER — Legal pot is luring pot tourists and business entrepreneurs to Colorado, and it’s also attracting another demographic: a homeless, some of whom trek to a state in hopes of alighting a pursuit in a industry.

“There’s an huge migration, even a homeless movement, so to speak,” David Spencer, a homeless male from Tennessee, told CBS Denver. “I figured this would be a good place to start over.”

While shelters opposite a Denver area are peaceful to open their doors, they’re fast using out of room.


“We were averaging 190 (homeless) final year. We’re now averaging 345 a night,” Murray Flagg of a Salvation Army said.

Tom Luehrs, a executive executive of St. Francis Center, says a tip reason many homeless are relocating to Colorado is work, generally in a new authorised industry.

“People see that a pot business has been multiplying here,” he says, “so they compare adult good business… and jobs contingency be available, that they are.”

Space is parsimonious during St. Francis Center, too.

“We’ve seen as many as 45 new people in one day,” Luehrs said. “I consider it was one of a unintended consequences of a pot legalization.”

Colorado law requires an worker in a pot business lives in a state for one year before they can be hired.

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