Map: Where people feel good and bad about how their nation is doing

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Most Americans consider their nation is headed in a wrong direction. It turns out they’re not alone: new global data from a Pew Research Center suggests that many countries are in a flattering desperate mood. The exceptions are revelation — generally Russia.

Pew asked people from 44 countries around a universe possibly they’re confident or payable “with a approach things are going in a country.” The map next shows a formula of Pew’s survey. Notably, usually in 17 of those 44 countries did a infancy news being satisfied, noted in yellow; some-more payable countries are blue:

map compensation tellurian nation direction

A lot of a variation, unsurprisingly, appears to be explained by economics. GDP expansion is super-high in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia, a 3 countries with compensation above 70 percent. Meanwhile, slumping Western Europe is simply a many discontented segment in a world. The United States isn’t doing so prohibited possibly — usually a third of Americans pronounced they were confident with a approach things were going during home.

One important difference is Russia, where GDP expansion was anemic even before flattering oppressive Western sanctions were imposed, that have pushed a nation toward recession. Still, Russians indeed reported a fifth-highest rates of compensation of all surveyed countries (Germany was fourth). Ukrainians, meanwhile, are unsurprisingly not confident during all by a instruction their nation is going. Being dismantled by Russia isn’t fun.

Russians, however, seem to really most suffer holding Ukraine apart, a means that has authorised Putin to foster nationalism during home — maybe adequate to make Russians forget their mercantile woes.

Pew also asked people possibly they would news “the stream mercantile situation” as “good” or “bad.” This  map shows a percent of people who news a conditions as “good” in any of a 44 countries:

map economy good country

Pew Research Center

You’ll notice a lot of association between ubiquitous compensation and mercantile satisfaction. People in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia news (respectively) a first, second, and fourth top percent of people observant their economy was “good.” Germany came in third, expected reflecting Germany’s widespread position in a European economy despite delayed 2014 growth. The rest of Europe is flattering dour, while a US, during 40 percent, is about a center of a pack.

The formula for Russia are also what you’d design if troops adventurism is pushing Russian optimism. Only 44 percent of Russians news their mercantile conditions as “good,” while a full 50 percent news it as “bad.”

So measure one some-more indicate for the theory that Putin’s charge in Ukraine is driven, during slightest in part, by concerns over delayed expansion and renouned restlessness with his mercantile policy.

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