Man incidentally drops initial iPhone 6 on live TV

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There’s not an app for that.

Perth is 12 hours forward of Eastern time, that means a folks watchful in line to buy a iPhone 6 would be among a initial in a universe to accept Apple’s shiniest, new station symbol. And a immature male during a conduct of that line was Jack Cooksey, who camped out overnight for a honor.

When a doors finally non-stop and a iPhone 6 was his, Cooksey was asked to unbox a phone on live television. While station over concrete. While substantially a small shaken during being on live TV. And clearly a small tired from a night of sitting outdoor watchful for someone with a “Genius” T-shirt to clear a set of doors. In other words, it didn’t go well.


The prominence is a shrieks from a crowd. You’d consider Cooksey had only forsaken an tot who has holding a smaller tot who had a necklace done of Faberge eggs.

But in his defense, those Apple boxes are tough to open. You have to unequivocally get a reason of a bottom as we try and shake off a top.

The good news is it appears a phone survived.

There are a common caveats, of course, that this is all fake. I’m doubtful of a skepticism, maybe since we don’t wish to trust anyone would mistreat such a pleasing square of machine in a name of 15 mins of YouTube fame. But I’m a conventionalist like that.

(Thanks to Mashable for pity this story.)

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