Lyft cars are dropping a big, hairy mustache

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Lyft's 'glowstache'

Lyft likes to position itself as a happy choice to Uber’s critical (and sometimes cutthroat) ridesharing service. However, that big, hairy mustache on a nose of a company’s vehicles competence be spiteful some-more than it helps — your business pals won’t be tender when we uncover adult in a cartoonish car. To that end, Lyft tells Wired that it’s scrapping a feign fur in preference of a dashboard-mounted intense mustache (aka a “glowstache”). The some-more beautiful trinket is meant to safety some of a company’s signature caprice (and assistance we mark your float during a distance) but annoying we when a motorist shows up. Also, it’s some-more expected to reason adult to real-world abuse. As we competence have guessed, a strange mustache doesn’t demeanour so prohibited after it’s lonesome in travel grime.

Does this impact your day to day knowledge with Lyft? Probably not. However, it reflects a company’s desires to both mature a picture and support to passengers who wish some-more than a fun, inexpensive approach to get from A to B. It’s now charity carpooling services and other “grown up” facilities — axing a easygoing emblem competence forestall business from selecting Uber simply to demeanour a small some-more distinguished.

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