Lumia Selfie App Makes Narcissism Easy, Fun

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BERLIN — The selfie had an trusting adequate origin: Use a smartphone’s front-facing camera to take a low-res print of yourself. The thing has deteriorated into something approximating a sum satire of complicated Western society’s self-obsession — and if that’s your thing, Microsoft has a routine down to a scholarship with a Lumia Selfie app.

Microsoft debuted a Selfie app during a IFA 2014 press discussion today, and we got to go hands-on with it (with most objection on my part!). As a name suggests, a app does precisely one thing and aims to be a best-in-class module for that purpose.

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There are dual ways to take a selfie: possibly with a front-facing camera or a back one. Taking one with a front-facing camera is business as usual. But if we cite to use a some-more absolute back camera, a app will beep in increasingly mad increments as your face nears a core of a frame.

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