LG puts a Super in new Ultra High Definition LCD TVs

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With a name like Super Ultra High Definition, we competence consider LG’s latest TVs are indeed a best a association will offer in 2016.

You’d be wrong. The association has announced 3 array of new TVs underneath a name Super UHD, though nothing of them use OLED technology; they’re all LED LCDs.

OLED, a arrangement record that usually LG manufactures in TV-sized screens today, delivers a best picture peculiarity of any TVs we’ve tested, outperforming LED LCD TVs handily. LG hasn’t nonetheless announced any 2016 OLED TVs, though when it does, maybe they’ll consequence a Super Duper moniker.


The 3 Super array it did announce are a UH9500 (55- to 86-inch), a UH8500 (55- to 75-inch) and a UH7700 (49- to 65-inch). All exaggerate “HDR Plus,” that LG calls a “combination of technologies that outcome in softened altogether opening (color and contrast) for a HDR knowledge that’s softened than TVs that are usually HDR Compatible.” One aspect of that opening is softened light outlay and softened black turn performance, according to a company. Perhaps inevntably, LG also talks adult “an SDR-to-HDR review engine so viewers can suffer near-HDR calm from any customary source.”

HDR, that stands for High Dynamic Range, is approaching to be a vital thesis for TV makers during CES this year. It’s a catch-all tenure for new, softened content, namely TV shows and movies, and a televisions that can arrangement it. The many obvious representation I’ve listened is “not only some-more pixels, though softened pixels,” an substantial alleviation on small 4K resolution. Check out CES 2016 TV tech: 4K yawns, high energetic operation dawns for some-more details.

The 9500 and 8500 have a wider tone gamut, pronounced to estimate 90 percent of a DCI tone space, that should lead to some-more picturesque colors with concordant calm (which is really singular today). All 3 array are pronounced to urge splendid room opening by minimizing reflections and improving contrast.

LG also touts a Super sets’ styling and features, including a ultra-slim (.22 inch) abyss of a UF9500 series. All 3 offer a latest chronicle of LG’s Web OS handling system, chronicle 3.0.

The association also pronounced it would “unveil a initial production-ready 98-inch 8K Super UHD TV, indication UH9800.”

LG’s Super UHD TVs will start shipping in early spring. Pricing was not announced.

By a way, if you’re confused during LG’s choice of “Super,” you’re not alone. Throughout 2015 LG’s arch-rival Samsung marketed a heck out of a high-end SUHD LCD TVs. Samsung still says that a S doesn’t mount for anything in sold (let alone “Super”), and LG’s proclamation is clever to spell out that word rather than use a shortening SUHD itself. The skinny eminence is certain to lead to copiousness of difficulty this year. Isn’t foe Super?

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