Lawyer: Dad Accused of Tossing Girl off Bridge Acted Strange

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The male indicted of throwing his 5-year-old daughter off a overpass early Thursday had been behaving strangely hours before, job his profession “God” and seeking her to interpret a Bible in Swedish, according to sheriff’s documents.

Attorney Genevieve Torres conspicuous she met with John Jonchuck on Wednesday to plead a control box for his 5-year-old daughter, Phoebe, who was found passed in Tampa Bay after military conspicuous he tossed her into a water.

Torres was so disturbed about Jonchuck and Phoebe that she reported a peculiar statements to police. They interviewed Jonchuck and his daughter as he was picking her adult from a church day caring and both seemed to be in good health. Jonchuck conspicuous he didn’t wish to mistreat himself or anyone else, a papers said.

“She was smiling and seemed healthy, scrupulously dressed and happy,” according to a documents.

A small some-more than twelve hours later, military conspicuous Jonchuck threw his daughter over a bridge.

Phoebe had prolonged curly hair, a far-reaching grin and desired princesses. She hated baths and water, creation her genocide even some-more gut-wrenching.

Her parents, Jonchuck and Michelle Kerr, were together for 6 scattered years, and military were called countless times for domestic violence-related complaints. Both had detain records.

Jonchuck had control of Phoebe.

“I always saw him as a good dad,” Kerr said. “She would always say, ‘I adore we daddy.’ She desired her dad.”

Jonchuck is in jail confronting a first-degree murder charge. At his initial hearing, Pinellas County Judge Michael Andrews asked him if he wanted an attorney.

“I wish to leave it in a hands of God,” Jonchuck said.

The decider responded: “I’m flattering certain God’s not going to be representing we in this case. You’re going to be station trial.”

Police conspicuous only after midnight Wednesday, an officer saw Jonchuck’s Chrysler PT Cruiser going about 100 mph toward a Sunshine Skyway bridge. By a time an officer held adult with him, Jonchuck had pulled over on a proceed camber to a bridge.

Jonchuck got out and started toward a officer, who pulled his weapon. Then Jonchuck grabbed Phoebe from a behind chair and “held her face to his chest” as he carried her to a railing, St. Petersburg military Chief Anthony Holloway said.

It wasn’t transparent either Phoebe was alive, yet a officer conspicuous he “thought he listened a child scream” before Jonchuck threw her into Tampa Bay about 60 feet below, Holloway said.

Phoebe’s physique was recovered about a mile from a overpass and she was conspicuous passed during 2:44 a.m. An autopsy is pending.

Police annals conspicuous Jonchuck, 25, was distant from Phoebe’s 29-year-old mom and a dual had a hilly relationship, with Jonchuck requesting a confining sequence opposite her as recently as final month. Police conspicuous a ask was denied. Jonchuck and Phoebe lived with his father in Tampa.

Linda Mattos, a owners of a daycare that looked after Phoebe, conspicuous Jonchuck and Phoebe were homeless in 2013. Jonchuck had a behind damage and didn’t work, so Mattos authorised them to stay during her residence for about 6 months, until Jonchuck started to collect fights with her.

When she asked him to leave, he attempted to get revenge, Mattos said, by job child protecting services.

“He was really revengeful,” she said. “He attempted to hurt me.”

It was a explain that Kerr echoed.

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