Lawmaker From Fractious UKIP Hospitalized After Party Clash

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LONDON — Feuding in Britain’s fractious, worried U.K. Independence Party erupted into assault Thursday that left a member of a European Parliament hospitalized with a conduct damage after an “altercation” with a colleague.

Steven Woolfe — a front-runner to be UKIP’s subsequent personality — suffered seizures and mislaid alertness after contrary with another lawmaker Thursday morning during a assembly of celebration lawmakers during a legislative building in Strasbourg, France.

UKIP personality Nigel Farage pronounced Woolfe was primarily in a critical condition and “things were flattering bad.” But he pronounced Thursday afternoon that Woolfe was “in a most improved place than he was a few hours ago.”

Farage pronounced he was rising an exploration into a violence, that he pronounced “shouldn’t have happened.” He declined to brand a other celebration member concerned in what he termed “an altercation.”

Strasbourg military pronounced a occurrence had not been reported to a force.

According to media reports, Woolfe was punched during a fistfight with another lawmaker, strike his conduct and collapsed a tiny while later.


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UKIP pronounced Woolfe had dual “epileptic-like fits” and mislaid consciousness. An picture published by ITV News showed a male imitative Woolfe apparently comatose on a corridor inside a Strasbourg building, customarily outward a council chamber.

Several hours later, Woolfe reported that he was unwavering and recovering. He pronounced in a matter that a CT indicate had suggested he did not have a blood clot on a brain.

“I am feeling brighter, happier and smiling as ever,” he said. “I am sitting up, and pronounced to be looking well. The customarily effect during a impulse is a bit of insensibility on a left-hand side of my face.”

The celebration pronounced Woolfe would sojourn in a sanatorium overnight available a formula of some-more tests.

A counsel of churned English, Irish, Jewish and black American heritage, Woolfe represents his home segment of northwest England in a European Parliament and is deliberate one of UKIP’s rising stars.

A tiny celebration full of forceful personalities, UKIP has a prolonged story of clashes between comparison members — yet they are customarily written rather than physical. UKIP European parliamentarian Roger Helmer pronounced Thursday’s occurrence followed a celebration assembly that featured “some sharp-witted exchanges of views.”

Woolfe, who incited 49 on Thursday, angry some celebration colleagues when he pronounced recently that he had deliberate fasten Britain’s Conservative Party given he was “enthused” by new Prime Minister Theresa May’s joining to amicable reform.

Founded in 1993 with a aim of stealing Britain from a European Union, UKIP has changed from a fringes of British politics to a position of critical influence. Over a past few years, a celebration has won over vast numbers of Conservative and Labour electorate by appealing to concerns about globalization and large-scale immigration.

UKIP was instrumental in removing Britain to reason a referendum on EU membership, that finished in a Jun 23 opinion for a U.K. to leave a 28-nation bloc.

The outcome was an huge domestic delight for UKIP, though given gaining a long-sought idea a celebration has been ripped by infighting.


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Long-time personality Farage stepped down after a Jun referendum and was transposed by Diane James. She quit Tuesday after customarily 18 days, citing personal reasons — withdrawal Farage, a renouned though divisive figure, as halt leader.

Woolfe had announced his goal to run in an arriving care competition and was bookies’ favorite to win. He was blocked from competing in a care competition won by James given celebration officials pronounced he missed a focus deadline by 17 minutes.

UKIP has customarily one chair out of 650 in Britain’s House of Commons, though — notwithstanding a assertive antithesis to a EU and all it stands for — it binds some-more than 20 seats in a bloc’s council of 751 seats.

Although Britain has voted to leave a EU it will sojourn a member until a grave divorce is negotiated — a routine that could final dual years or more.


Sylvie Corbet in Paris contributed to this report.

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