Latest Windows 9 trickle reveals a one presentation core [Video]

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Fans had been perfectionist it for long- a singular and one place for all Windows notifications. If a latest leaked Windows 9 video is true, it looks that this wish is shortly going to be fulfilled. Although a Windows 9 recover date is substantially going to be in 2015 Spring, many leaks have already started present on a internet.

A video was posted on YouTube by WinFuture shows a one presentation core that appears in a reduce right of a shade when a user clicks a taskbar button. The presentation core seems to work in oncsensus with Windows’ existent “toast” notifications and lets a user perspective a rollup of new notifications from all apps.

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The centralized presentation complement is not most opposite from a presentation systems in a Android, iOS and OS X. The core arranges a presentation apps and lets a user corkscrew down to perspective some-more notifications. A singular click will capacitate a user to boot all notifications with a singular click. Users can also boot notifications one by one.

The video is one some-more in a series of leaks regarding to Windows 9, Microsoft’s subsequent iteration of a Windows OS for desktop. Earlier on Friday WinFuture had shown another video that showed mixed desktops built in to Windows 9.

There are a lot of unanswered doubt that stays even after a leaking of this video. For instance it is not transparent how most control, a user has about what appears in a presentation center, or how many presentation it shows etc. It seems that users will not have to wait for prolonged to know this given Microsoft is releasing a Technical Preview of Windows 9—or whatever Microsoft decides to call it—in a subsequent month or two.

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