Lakers’ Week 2 in review

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The Lakers finished Week 2 with their initial win of a season, defeating a Charlotte Hornets during Staples Center on Sunday, 107-92.

After a Lakers mislaid to a Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, 112-106, L.A.’s 0-5 record stirred TNT researcher Charles Barkley to announce a hunger strike until a group finally gets a win on a board.  Fortunately for a fans during Staples Center, and Barkley, a Lakers played one of their best games of a season Sunday.

Defense has been an emanate for a team, with Coach Byron Scott propelling his players to get their ensure up.  The Lakers also have relied too heavily on All-Star Kobe Bryant, losing to a Suns notwithstanding 39 points from a veteran guard.

Bryant was frustrated by a Lakers’ poor record, seeking his teammates to play “relentlessly.” Would a finish of Bryant’s career emulate that of Michael Jordan, in his final seasons personification for a Washington Wizards?

Before violence a Hornets, a Lakers had the worst record in a league, tied with a Philadelphia 76ers, not a side of history a group would like to be on.

The Lakers’ mythological 1971-72 championship team was featured in a documentary — a form of story a authorization has enjoyed for many, many decades.

Meanwhile, harmed indicate ensure Steve Nash shared a video of himself attack a golf ball, that rankled fans who didn’t know how he could golf though not play basketball with his bad back.  Nash went to Facebook to open adult about his injuries and a golf clip.

Nash also put his Arizona home on a market during $4.15 million.

Meanwhile, harmed rookie energy brazen Julius Randle credited Bryant with assisting him deal with his season-ending damaged leg.  Ryan Kelly, who took some off-season MMA training, has been sidelined with a bruise hamstring.

Small brazen Wesley Johnson had vowed to be a new Wesley Johnson on Sunday opposite a Hornets, though any softened bid wasn’t generally clear in a box score.  Johnson was right in suggesting better days are ahead for a Lakers — during slightest for one night as a group finished the losing streak.

Finally, former Lakers manager Mike D’Antoni is still looking for coaching opportunities.

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