Klay Thompson breaks NBA record

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OAKLAND — Warriors ensure Klay Thompson scored a career-high 52 points and in doing so etched his name in a NBA record book by throwing glow as no actor ever has.

The 37 points he scored in a third entertain of a Warriors’ 126-101 win Friday opposite Sacramento was a largest scoring outlay in any entertain in joining history.

The 13-for-13 sharpened opening in a third left his teammates with their hands on their heads in dishonesty and a throng during Oracle Arena chanting, “All-Star!”

“It’s kind of a blur,” Thompson said. “I wish we could go behind and suffer it tomorrow, though moments like that, a best ones go by unequivocally fast. It’s something I’ll never forget and hopefully tell my grandkids about one day.”

The Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson (11) reacts after scoring during will opposite a Sacramento Kings in a third entertain of their NBA diversion at

Thompson indicated before a diversion that he indispensable some standout performances in a nearby destiny if he was to secure his initial All-Star selection.

He delivered a many electrifying diversion of his career, going 16 for 25 from a margin and 11 for 15 from 3-point operation in 33 mins to lift a Warriors to their 35th win of a deteriorate during a mid indicate and a franchise-record 18th loyal feat during home.

Thompson was 9-for-9 from 3-point operation in a third as a rest of a Warriors kept flitting him a round in a entertain when he scored 37 of their 41 points.

“As many fantastic things as Michael (Jordan) did, that he did nightly, we never saw him do that,” pronounced Warriors manager Steve Kerr, who won 3 NBA championships personification with Jordan.

“It was suggestive of Michael since it’s arrange of otherworldly.”

The Kings as a group scored 22 in a third, and their hopes for an dissapoint were dashed after Thompson began flicking his wrist.

Thompson done a steal, stepped behind and done a 3-pointer to put a Warriors forward 63-60 before attack another to make it 66-64.

Stephen Curry fed him on a one-handed alley-oop after that Thompson continued his barrage. He even got a shooter’s hurl on one of a 3-pointers.

Thompson brought down a residence going it alone opposite a Kings invulnerability with a jumper that gave a Warriors an 89-70 lead. Another 3-pointer done it 95-71.

“I was holding a lot of bad shots out there, though we was holding one until we missed, and we only got lucky,” Thompson said.

With 4.9 seconds in a third, Thompson strike dual giveaway throws that gave him 50 points for a diversion to turn a 12th actor in authorization story to measure during slightest that number. His prior career highs were 41 points opposite a Los Angeles Lakers in Nov and 8 3-pointers during Sacramento final season.

Thompson strike dual giveaway throws in a fourth before checking out of a diversion to an acclaim with 9:28 left.

“He was standard Klay,” Draymond Green pronounced of Thompson on a sideline. “Just sitting there. His favorite line: ‘It’s crazy.’ That’s all he said.”

His third entertain had set a NBA record for points, and descending with it was a poignant authorization mark. Wilt Chamberlain in his 100-point diversion in 1962 hold a prior record with 31 points in a quarter.

“It’s that series 37 in a entertain that’s unbelievable. we suspicion I’d never see that,” Curry pronounced after regulating his phone to watch video of Thompson’s opening again.

Up until Thompson began hoisting shots into history, a Warriors were struggling to put divided Sacramento, that entered a diversion carrying mislaid 5 in a row.

Kerr was indignant during halftime, revelation his players he wouldn’t be job plays in sequence to let them figure things out themselves. The Warriors had led by 18 points in a initial quarter, though a Kings grabbed a lead after halftime.

“Get a round to Klay, and Klay get a ball,” Kerr said. “Those are a dual plays they ran.”

Said Thompson: “They only kept wanting to see a show. That’s what they kept revelation me. When your teammates have certainty in we like that, we can do unusual things.”

Marreese Speights finished with 19 points, and Curry combined 10 points and 11 assists though also 6 turnovers a night after he was announced as a tip vote-getter in a All-Star balloting.

DeMarcus Cousins led Sacramento with 28 points, and Darren Collison combined 15. Sacramento’s Rudy Gay went 0 for 5 from a margin before removing ejected after picking adult dual technical fouls in a second.

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Game’s best sharpened guard?

James Harden (right) is widely regarded as a best in a game. But with a approach he’s looked in a head-to-head matchups, has Klay Thompson surpassed him? Not quite. In a normal stats, Harden has a corner — in points per game, assists and rebounds. And Harden doesn’t get advantage of personification second-fiddle. But Thompson’s all-around diversion has softened so most that this is a reasonable discussion.

Online: Full Power Index during www.mercurynews.com/warriors.


Boston (15-26) during Warriors
(35-6), 5 p.m. CSNBA

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