Kim K Gave ‘Selfie’ Book To Kanye As Wedding Gift

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New sum were suggested in a deteriorate culmination of Keeping Up With The Kardashians….

Just when we suspicion we knew all there was to know about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s wedding, a deteriorate culmination of Keeping Up With The Kardashians unveils some-more behind-the-scene details.

The final part of a deteriorate aired in a US final night, divulgence some of a play that went on in a run-up to Kimye’s wedding.

The cameras followed Kim as she prepared to give Kanye his marriage present – one of her famous ‘selfie’ books.

She combined a final touches to a present as she got her hair and make-up finished before a rite and showed it off to her sisters.

“I adore to make selfie books for Kanye, and for his birthday we done him a selfie book and he desired it”, she explained to a camera.

“So for a marriage we done him a new one. we wish he likes it.”

To symbol a extended final part of a season, Kim common an secret print from her Italian marriage on Instagram.

With a same rooftop backdrop as her marriage snap with ‘Ye and Baby North, Kim stuns as she poses in her robe subsequent to her new father who looks out over Florence.

Kim also admits how shaken she was to travel down a aisle in a episode.

“I adore this long, outrageous deceive though it is a usually thing that would make me outing and tumble right on my face”, she says.

“It creates me so nervous. So we don’t know if we can wear it. It’s a longest deceive we consider in history.”

Kim also reacts to small sister Kylie Jenner‘s blue hair for a nuptials.

“It’s not value a battle, I’m only going to let it go and she has blue hair during my wedding,” Kim says.

There was also a last-minute change of bridesmaids’ dresses for all 4 sisters, and a genuine reason behind Rob Kardashian‘s deficiency during a marriage is revealed.

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