Kim Jong Un’s Sister Enters Family Business Running North Korea

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When North Korea’s Supreme Leader
Kim Jong Un visited a country’s animation film studio, his
sister Kim Yo Jong was on palm as he “gave margin guidance” to
animators, signaling a flourishing purpose in her brother’s regime.

Kim Yo Jong yesterday was identified as a emissary director
of a Workers’ Party of Korea by a central Korean Central
News Agency in a news of a visit, a initial time she had
been cited with an central title.

Believed to be about 27, about 4 years younger than her
brother, she had been shown some-more frequently in his participation this
year in a central media. When Kim was absent from a public
eye in Sep and October, Korea Intellectuals Solidarity, a
group of defectors formed in South Korea, wrote on a website
that Kim Yo Jong was effectively in control.

Kim Jong Un exercises dynastic control over a North’s
1.2-million infantry and chief arms program, and the
totalitarian regime’s siege and miss of clarity makes
it formidable to know a middle workings of a so-called
hermit kingdom. Kim showed final year that family ties can
quickly be damaged when he systematic a execution of his uncle
Jang Song Thaek, once deliberate to be his de facto deputy.

“Kim Jong Un was parachuted into a nation effectively run
by a whole lot of aged group in uniforms,” pronounced Robert Kelly,
associate highbrow during Pusan National University. “The
execution of his uncle, Jang Song Taek, and now bringing forward
his sister is a approach of pulling behind on them and perplexing to get
control. It’s what any good mafia enclose would do.”

Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo Jong are full hermit and sister as
both were innate to Ko Yong Hui, a fourth partner of Kim Jong Il, autarchic personality from 1994 to 2011. They grew adult together in
the collateral of Pyongyang and both attended a same Swiss
boarding school, South Korea’s Yonhap News reported yesterday.

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