Kevin Durant leads US with 23 in 111-74 frisk over Argentina

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LAS VEGAS — New team. Same aged result.

Full of new star energy — and widespread on a inside — a U.S. men’s basketball organisation non-stop a bid for a third true Olympic bullion award Friday night with a 111-74 muster frisk over Argentina.

A diversion that was over roughly before it began showed a U.S. has to urge a sharpened and conditioning. It also showed that there is copiousness of talent among a organisation of players who seem to wish to play good for any other and their nation notwithstanding a deficiency of Olympic stalwarts Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

“There’s a eagerness from these guys to work on anything we need and to work hard,” manager Mike Krzyzewski said. “These are unequivocally good guys.”

The diversion was a initial of 5 exhibitions a U.S. will play before roving to Rio to urge a bullion medal. The U.S. organisation has spent a past week practicing in Las Vegas in credentials for a debate and a Summer Games.

There weren’t any opening-night jitters, yet a U.S. shot usually 45 percent and missed all though 14 of 41 3-pointers. With DeMarcus Cousins pulling down 15 rebounds in usually 16 minutes, a U.S. dominated inside, outrebounding Argentina 53-30.

“The large thing is removing in shape, and they are not there where they will be,” Krzyzewski said. “But we unequivocally have an inside participation on a boards.”

For Durant, a diversion was a possibility to play with a span of his new Golden State teammates, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson. It was also a possibility for Durant and Carmelo Anthony, a usually dual players from a 2012 team, to denote that this will be their organisation in Rio.

Both players cheered from a dais as a mins were widespread around, jumping adult to applause for teammates. Every U.S. actor got peculiarity time, with Green’s 12 mins a slightest played by any American.

“We’re going to have fun and we’re going to suffer ourselves,” Anthony said. “If it’s not fun, it’s not value it. We’re going to suffer ourselves, though during a same time we’re going to be focused in perplexing to get that bullion medal.”

Durant finished as a game’s high scorer with 23 points, and George had 18 and Carmelo Anthony 17. Andres Nocioni had 15 and Manu Ginobili total 11 for Argentina, that mislaid to a U.S. in a semifinals of a 2012 Olympics.

Though during times small invulnerability was played, there was copiousness of offense to keep a throng during a new T-Mobile Arena happy. The teams total to put adult 70 3-point attempts, 41 of them from a U.S.

Oddsmakers had done a U.S. a restricted 29.5-point favorite in what during times looked a lot like an NBA All-Star game. But while a U.S. organisation is installed with 12 NBA players, a Argentines had usually 3 on their roster, and a talent disproportion showed.

While a organisation is full of new players, a gold-medal run will be a final for Krzyzewski, a inhabitant manager for a past decade. His teams have mislaid usually one diversion during his reign, that will finish after a Olympics with San Antonio manager Gregg Popovich holding over.

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