Kerry Washington Jokes About Her Second Pregnancy and Potential Baby Names

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Is it rubbed yet? Kerry Washington non-stop adult about her second pregnancy and joked about intensity baby names during a Wednesday, Sep 7, coming on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The actress, 39 — who stopped by DeGeneres’ uncover to speak about her appearance in a Allstate Foundation Purple Purse campaign, a gift benefitting domestic and financial abuse victims — spoke about stealing her baby strike while filming scenes for Scandal, as seen in a shave above.

“Big coats, large bags … stealing behind opposite physique tools of other actors,” Washington explained of a tricks she uses to censor her flourishing swell while personification Olivia Pope. The ABC star went on to contend that she hides behind a “bigger physique parts” of her costars, that caused a assembly to detonate out laughing.

“Like, if I’m in a behind of a room, it can be, like, somebody’s leg, and I’m positioned behind it,” Washington combined to DeGeneres, 58, whose wife, Portia de Rossi, also appears on a strike series. “Lamps are good … vases!”

“What kind of behaving are y’all doing that someone’s station like … ” DeGeneres asked, positioning her leg on Washington’s chair to cover her tummy, moving another blustering turn of guffaws from a crowd.

Washington — who welcomed daughter Isabelle, 2, with father Nnamdi Asomugha in Apr 2014 — remained silent on a gender of her subsequent gold of fun and was clever not to hold sum about what she and her hubby competence select as a name.

“We’re anticipating for a human,” a Emmy hopeful teased. And while she and Asomugha have a few names in mind, she told a daytime horde that she won’t be divulgence any of them. DeGeneres wasn’t prepared to give adult so easily, though, and asked to play a small guessing game.

“Ellen!” a horde suggested.

“That is during a tip of a list,” a Django Unchained star quipped back. DeGeneres’ subsequent idea was her wife’s name, Portia, to that Washington replied, “Duh.”

Watch a video above.

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