Kanye West tweets reparation to Beck for Grammys disruption

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Kanye West is observant he’s contemptible to Beck on Twitter.

The agitator 37-year-old hip-hop artist took to a amicable media site Thursday to publicly apologize to a 44-year-old musician who won 4 trophies during a Grammys progressing this month.

He also says he’s contemptible for remarks he done about 29-year-old singer-producer Bruno Mars.

It seemed West was attempting to take a impulse from Beck when he fast jumped on theatre after Beck won manuscript of a year during a 57th annual Grammy Awards. He fast sat behind down though after slammed a recording academy for not honoring Beyonce with a award.

West infamously interrupted Taylor Swift when she won a endowment for best womanlike video during a MTV Video Music Awards in 2009.

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