Kanye West Situation Way Worse than Sleep and Water Deprivation

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Kanye West is in a bad mental state … and sources informed with a conditions tell us his hospitalization is distant from over.

Our sources contend as of Wednesday morning it seemed he would stay during UCLA Medical Center until during slightest week’s end. We’re told some members of Kanye’s family wanted him home for Thanksgiving and felt it would do him good, though as of yesterday that looked improbable.

TMZ pennyless a story … Kanye’s alloy told cops he was pang from a proxy psychosis brought on by nap damage and impassioned dehydration, though we’re told a problems go most deeper.

A well-connected Kanye source tells us Kanye’s psychological problems are poignant adequate so that his word policy — that covers mislaid increase and financial obligations for cancelled concerts due to illness — will roughly positively cover a waste for a 21 concerts he’s cancelled.

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