Jumping into internal politics, Bernie Sanders endorses Berkeley city assemblyman in mayor’s race

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The Bernie Sanders series continues in Berkeley.

The U.S. senator from Vermont is finished with his query for a presidency, though he is still flexing his on-going domestic muscles in down-ballot races.

And it is tough to consider of a some-more suitable place for Sanders to make an impact than Berkeley’s mayoral race.

City Councilman Jesse Arreguin’s debate was silly with fad as it announced Sanders’ publicity Thursday.

“Berkeley is famous opposite a nation and a universe as a progressive, trailblazing city. And so Berkeley needs a truly on-going mayor,” Sanders pronounced in a statement from Arreguin’s campaign. “That is because we validate Jesse Arreguin. Jesse Arreguin will be Berkeley’s kind of mayor. He is a untiring and effective champion for workers’ rights, for polite rights, and for amicable justice. He will not rest until Berkeley works for everyone, not only a few.”

Arreguin’s debate called a publicity an “absolute, no-doubt-about-it game changer” in a swarming competition to reinstate Mayor Tom Bates, who has hold a chair given 2002. 

The curtsy from the progressive favourite could be only what Arreguin needs to compute himself from a container of possibilities that includes associate City Council members Laurie Capitelli and Kriss Worthington, entrepreneur Bernt Wahl, connoisseur tyro Ben Gould, homeless romantic Guy “Mike” Lee, Naomi Pete and Native American romantic Zachary RunningWolf.

So far, Capitelli has lifted some-more money than any other claimant in a race. But Sanders’ legion of supporters could change that — Berkeley was home to one of a ZIP Codes with a top giving rates for Sanders, according to a Times research published in June.

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