Juan Francisco and Joey Butler: Impact MiLB Signings for Rays

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Minor joining signings are each front office’s dream. You pointer players with a possibility to make your large joining roster, and all it costs we is a salary under $1 million that we usually have to compensate if they make your team. The best part, though, is when we find players with upside notwithstanding those team-friendly stipulations, such as a Tampa Bay Rays’ new signings of Juan Francisco and Joey Butler.

The Tampa Bay Rays traded Sean Rodriguez this offseason, though Juan Francisco is a improved chronicle of him, during slightest given a Rays’ needs. In 2014 for a Toronto Blue Jays, a 27-year-old infielder strike to a .220/.291/.456 line (107 OPS+) with 16 doubles, 16 homers, and 43 RBI in 320 image appearances. The Rays could positively use his power.

Francisco’s low normal and OBP uncover how many of an all-or-nothing actor he is, though it isn’t too mostly that Rays have found a actor who strike 16 homers a prior deteriorate that is accessible so cheaply. Of course, he also has serve limitations: he does not strike maladroit pitching during all and is a terrible defender everywhere though initial base.

There are reasons Francisco had to settle for so little, though a Rays might lined adult to maximize his strengths while stealing his flaws. Well, during slightest that will be a box if a Rays make one some-more trade.

If a deteriorate began today, Francisco would not make a Rays. As we discussed yesterday, a Rays are now lined adult to have John Jaso as their primary DH opposite right-handed pitching, with David DeJesus in left field. James Loney will apparently be during initial bottom as well, so Francisco would have small room for personification time.

The fact that Francisco does not strike lefties is irritating to a Rays since Jaso and DeJesus will lay opposite them, as will Kevin Kiermaier, Nick Franklin, and Loney on during slightest a part-time basis. With that in mind, a Rays need a 25th male on their register to be a third right-handed dais actor to join Brandon Guyer and Logan Forsythe.

On a other hand, if a Rays traded DeJesus–say to call adult Steven Souza or pointer Colby Rasmus–then they would have a small some-more coherence with their final mark and Francisco would be a good fit. He still wouldn’t have unchanging personification time opposite right-handed pitching, though he could DH when Jaso catches and spasmodic spell Loney. His many critical duty would be energy bat off a bench, and that is where he could unequivocally shine.

Joey Butler, meanwhile, could be a claimant to make a Rays’ register if they keep DeJesus. Butler, 28, is a righty-hitting dilemma outfielder with plain energy and image discipline. He strike to a .278/.385/.456 line opposite maladroit pitching in a minors a final 4 seasons, with all though 13 of his games entrance during Triple-A. He also seemed in 14 vital leagues games.

The Rays could substantially find a actor with some-more large joining knowledge than Joey Butler for their final dais job, though he is a good claimant to contest with Tim Beckham if a Rays confirm to go that route. The Rays need to confirm either it’s some-more critical to have a third shortstop or a fifth outfielder for that spot, and Butler would paint that latter.

Butler will expected start a year during Triple-A Durham, though it is good for a Rays to find a actor during slightest able of stuffing a large joining role. We have seen a Rays review to backup outfielders like Jason Bourgeois and Rich Thompson in a past, and Butler hits improved than them.

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