Josh Norman, Dez Bryant have a lot contend after a game

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ARLINGTON, TEXAS | The matchup between Washington Redskins cornerback Josh Norman and Dallas Cowboys far-reaching receiver Dez Bryant Thursday finished with hostile words.

Bryant done 5 catches for 72 yards while mostly matched adult with Norman. Their on-field exchanges went from simple articulate to yelling during any other nose-to-nose, causing referees to come in and apart a pair.

After a game, Norman claimed he was perplexing to honour Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott when Bryant bumped him.

“This man [Bryant] bumped into to me, like what’s up? Where I’m from, we unpack a clip, so, flattering much, whatever we wish to do” Norman pronounced Bryant pronounced to him. “I’m not a man that sees a plea in front of my face to behind down. That’s not me. That’s not what you’re going to get. I’m contemptible if we annoyed anybody. Actually, I’m not contemptible if we annoyed anybody. I’m going to be me, assertive to a end, that’s who we am.”

Bryant after tweeted a video of him creation a locate and pronounced he “exposed” Norman. He also tweeted, “I’m not unpleasant to players in league. we adore this diversion though Norman takes it past football. if we going separate glow be means to take it,” and combined that Norman was fibbing about a “unload a clip” comment, tweeting during Norman, “don’t distortion on me..  though we will whoop yo donkey child true up.”

Before he took to amicable media, Bryant had some-more difference in a postgame locker room.

“I didn’t make it personal, he done it personal,” Bryant said. “I was only going to come out here and do my pursuit and that’s accurately what we did. He wanted to strike and we let him strike a small bit. He got me bumping a small bit. He only done me conflict him even more. we overtly fell like a guy’s intensely soft. we consider he’s only a garland of talk. If he was out and about we wouldn’t brave let him speak to me like that. Those difference would never come out of his mouth, we guarantee you. On another note, we got after that [expletive]. Hell of a win. It feels good.”

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